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Hi Vapers,

How to Purge and Maintain Your Vaping Gear?

This thread we want to discuss purging vape Kit.

If you don’t know the common sense of purging vape device,

Read on and keep on vaping with Wellon Transformer.

How to Purge and Maintain Your Vaping Gear?

Purging Vape Kit: More useful for Mech Mod
Clearing out your lungs for more vapour and to offset the ramp-up from bigger coils.
The half a second you blow into it heats up the coil enough that you get a good hit when you inhale, and as someone else said, it helps if you flooded any as well.
More useful for Mech’s as most regulated devices now have preheated functions to allow you to avoid this.

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Hi Guys,

Want to do a Vaping trick that will amaze almost anyone? If your answer is yes, look no further.

Vaping tornado Trick is one of the most appealing smoke tricks (when done correctly).

But, how To Do The Tornado Vape Trick?

Read on and keep on vaping with Wellon Psionic.

How To Do The Tornado Vape Trick?
Easy Guideline on Tornado Vape Trick
All you need is a flat surface, but you can use an empty paper towel roll to assist you as well.
Slowly exhale smoke directly on the table or through the cardboard cylinder so it’s hovering over the surface and forming a cloud.
Before the smoke dissipates, slide your hand through the cloud and swoop it up quickly. Watch in awe as your smoke spirals into a tornado shape.
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Hi Folks,

What’s your weekend plan?

Have a glance this thread about Cheerios vape trick.

Read on and keep on vaping.

Vaping 101: Impress Your Friends with Cheerios Vape Trick

How to vaping cheerios trick?
It’s important to keep your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat.
Make your lips into an “O” shape and stick your lips out. Then push a small amount of vapor out your mouth using your throat. This should feel similar to a short sigh or a mini-cough.
Take a long pull of vapor. Set your mouth into a tight O shape, then release the vapor from your mouth while repeatedly tapping gently on the side of your cheek.

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Hi Vapers,

Thanks @Sournois suggestion.

As a vape manufacturer, we will share more detail of Wellon Vape device.

This thread we will introduce Wellon Transformer Tank.

Wellon Transformer Tank Introduce
The tank that comes with this kit is rather interesting.
It’s 47.6mm tall, 22mm in diameter and holds 4ml of liquid.
It is however the first sub ohm tank that I’ve seen that has middle airflow.
As in the airflow comes in from the middle, not the top and not the bottom.
It works similar to a top airflow tank in this regard but the air actually has less distance to travel.
I’ve noticed with nearly every top airflow tank that I’ve used that they feel a bit airier.
The air has to travel a short distance before reaching your coils so there’s always a very momentary delay before you start getting vapour.
With the Transformer tank, it’s shorter and maybe a bit less noticeable.
Aside from that the remainder of the tank is fairly standard when it comes to subohm tanks.

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Starter Vape Review: Wellon Transformer Kit 75 W TC

The New Wellon Transformer 75W TC Vape Mod is leakproof, great tasting, and offers sufficient nice cloud size.

Transformer tank

Diameter: 22 mm

Height: 47.6 mm

Capacity: 4.0 mL

Weight: 71 g

Replaceable Pyrex glass

Symmetric airflow

Transformer Box Mod

Dimension: 82 x 42 x 22 mm

Weight: 121 g

Temperature range 200-600F

Output wattage: 1-75

Resistance: 0.1-3.0 ohms

Standby current: <50 uA

Voltage range: 0.5-8 volts

Fit for: 18650

Material: Zinc alloy

Thread: Spring loaded

Display: OLED

Are you a vape shop looking to carry this product? Please e-mail info@wellontech.com


Hi Vapors,

As a vapor, you must adore other’s Vape pen tricks.

So this thread we will discuss Some Tips on How to Perform Jellyfish Vape Trick.

Keep on vaping.

How to Perform Jellyfish Vape Trick?
The jellyfish involves blowing a single O, then blowing the second one through it. The rings pull each other and expand out to create an effect that resembles a jellyfish or mushroom cloud.
To keep the first ring from getting too far away before you can blow the second one, use your palm pushed toward the ring to alter the airflow and keep it hanging around.
Learn more detail jellyfish vape trick at Wellontech.com


Hi Guys,

This thread focuses on simple solutions to stop your tank from leaking.

Easy 3 steps to Tight Vape Seals Guideline

Easy 3 steps to Tight Vape Seals Guideline
Here we go, How to Tight your Vape Seals?
#1 tight vape seals
First check to see that the threads are in sync and fastened correctly, then fasten tightly to ensure the tank is airtight. Be careful not to screw it together too tightly, since this can cause issues in itself. Find your tank’s sweet spot and stick to it.
#2 tight vape seals
If the threads are crossed, unscrew and screw it back again. If the same happens, you might have to replace the tank entirely.
Similarly, if the threads are worn away from overuse, it’s very difficult to fix and you’ll most likely have to buy a replacement tank.
#3 tight vape seals
Thankfully, most high-quality modern tanks are made of sturdy stuff and often employ top-fill systems which reduce strain on the threads.

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Hi Folks,

Vape girls are always attractive than smoking girls to me, what about you?:dancer:

But most Vape girls don’t know how to avoid tank leak.

This thread we are going to discuss easy two tips avoid your vape tank leak.

Here we go, and keep on vaping.

Vape 101: How to Avoid Tank Leak?

Two ways Avoid your Vape Tank Leak

You can add in extra wicking material or boost your power setting to prevent your coil head from flooding and leaking.

But switching to VG-based juices has pretty much the same effect because the liquid can’t be drawn into the coil head as quickly.

If you combine approaches, you might have problems with dry hits, but choosing any one of the approaches should minimize flooding and leaking without taking things too far.

Learn more vape tank tips at WellonTech.com


Hi Folks,

Merry Christmas and Keep on Vaping.

What was your favourite vaping related moment of the year?

If you have any pictures, please let me know and share it.

This thread introduces a Starter Vape Kit with No Accidentally Touch, named Wellon Transformer Kit.

Starter Vape Kit with No Accidentally Touch

No accidentally touch with the provided cover
Wellon transformer Mod provided unique cover, to avoid any accidents.
As we know, the accidental touch is a top risk factor, just less than battery explore’s risk
So, Wellon Transformer Mod’s cover design language can give you a safety vapor pen.

Learn more Starter Vape Kit info at WellonTech.com


The ins and outs of Vape Dripper.

We wrote a whole piece a few weeks back explaining the ins and outs of Vape Dripper that you’re more than welcome to read.

Keep on vape with Wellon Psionic.

Why Should You Be Aware of Vape Dripper?

Vape Dripper May Accuse Dangerously
Can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.
If you choose to build your own coils then you better know what you are doing.
For starters you need an Ohm meter or at least a mod that can read Ohms.
If you don’t know what Ohms are, then put down that wick and wire, and go read up on it.
If you build your coils at to low an ohm, and attempt to fire it with a battery whos amp rating isn’t high enough, or incorrectly set the wattage, you are putting yourself and those around you at risk.
Battery venting and explosions are all possible, the dangers are magnified even further with a mechanical mod for reasons that will not be explained here.
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Hi Guys,

Do you know what makes for great vaping experience?

Great vaping Tank,or box Mod…

The scientific answer may leave you scratching your head.

Don’t freak out or panic.

Even if the terminology gets technical.

This article will attempt to explain these concepts in very simple terms.

How to Choosing the right Vape tank?
How to Choosing the right Vape tank?
What makes for great vaping?
Some tanks are all about the flavor and some are all about the biggest clouds.
Choosing the right tank for vaping is an essential step toward the best possible, and most enjoyable, vaping experience.
There are vape tanks that are specialists, designed to excel in one specific style of vaping. Other tanks are more versatile, designed to accommodate a range of styles. Whatever vape experience is in your wheelhouse, you can bet there is a vape tank that fits the bill.

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Hi Guys,

Happy new year.

What’s there on your wishlist 2018?

Some smokers want to quit smoking.

Wellon Transformer Kit is The alternative to cigarettes that actually works.

Read this article to find out why Wellon Transformer Kit can help you quit smoking.

Wellon Transformer Kit is The alternative to cigarettes

Wellon Transformer Kit is The alternative to cigarettes

Wellon Transformer Kit is The alternative to cigarettes

Do you know Wellon Transformer Tank?
The upper tank section uses the middle airflow piece as the bottom half of the upper tank which can be broken down if you need to change out the glass or give it a wash.
The middles section is where the airflow comes in to the tank, it’s got two wide cyclops style slots with an afc ring that slides from one end to the other with stops at either end. The air travels down to the vape coil via an outer tube then comes up through the coil and returns via the central tube to your mouth.
For top airflow or in this case middle airflow, this is my preferred setup as it provides better flavour and vapour then just skimming it off the top like many other top airflow implementations.

Learn more Wellon Transformer info at WellonTech.com


Hi Folks,

Happy New Year!

What’s your holiday vaping device?

How many watts you vape at?

How to Get Your Awesome Vape Coils?
Most advanced vapors prefer to build Vape coil by their self. First of all, you should have Accurately ohms reader.

Accurately ohms reader
Having the ability to accurately and instantly measure your ohms resistance on the coils you build is not only a matter of quality and accuracy but a matter of safety. It’s time to dig into Ohm readers and see what you like.
Source: Wellon Transformer Box Mod with Awesome Coil

Wellon Coil Ensure your Transformer with High Performance
This cylinder-shaped coil is with thread on the top of coil.
You need to screw it on the connector instead of the atomizer base.
This is an extra process to make sure the device is with 0 leakage.
Learn more Transformer Tank Coil info at Wellontech.com


Hey Vapors,

Whatever your plans are, have a relaxing holiday with your nearest and dearest.

New Year, New Vape Trick!

This thread Wellon will introduce a new vape trick, named Vape Pouring Mist Trick.

Do you know How To Do Vape Pouring Mist Trick?

How To Do Vape Pouring Mist Trick?
Take a glass of any cold drink, preferably with a wide diameter (like the one for whiskey or martini).
Enjoy your cocktail, and when the glass is half-full, it’s time to make a wow-effect.
Take a nice rip from your vape device.
After this, touch the glass rim with your lips like when drinking and slowly exhale the vapor.
It will magically stay on top of the liquid.

If you want to watch Vape Pouring Mist Trick video, please go to WellonTech.com


Distinguished Vapors:

Please pay your great attention here.

This thread we want to discuss why beginners should choose starter vape kit.

Hard to Choose Right Vape Gear

Anyone new to vaping and even experienced vapers can be a little overwhelmed with all of the different mods, options and devices available.

Starter Vape Kit is Best Option for Green Hand

The good news is that many Vape manufacturers – including industry leaders Wellon, Kanger, Eleaf, Smok, Sigelei and more – have put together kit packages that make getting started a breeze.
Vape kits often come with everything you need to get started, such as a MOD, compatible tank and atomizer.

WellonTech.com is also proud to sell our own bundled kits, including exclusively selected sub-ohm and temp control options to fit your needs.

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Hi Vapors,

What are you perform vaping tricks on today?

Tell us in the comments section below!

This thread Wellon want to discuss How to Blowing Atomic Bomb Vape Trick topic.

If you have any other way to Blowing Atomic Bomb Vape Trick, also comment below.

We will update this thread, to let more vapors know this vape trick.

Keep on vaping.

How to Blowing Atomic Bomb Vape Trick
Blow an “O” with a portion of the vapor, and with the rest of it, exhale a concentrated puff through the middle of the “O”.
Go through the previous steps to create your ring, but this time just shoot out one. With the remaining vapor, create a second ring and try to get it right in the center of the first one. The Bull Ring relies on similar principles.

Learn more Atomic Bomb Vape Trick video at Wellontech.com


Hi Folks,

This Thread let’s discuss the advantage of vape dripper.

For some, prefer a Vape starter kit. For others, must choose more fun Vape gear.

Vape Dripper is more fun vape Accessory.

Read on and find out why advanced vapors prefer to choose Vape dripper.

Cheaper Coils & Wicking Material Price for Advanced Vapers
Coils & Wicking material are extremely cheap if bought in correct quantities and locations.
Compared to having to buy coils constantly, drippers don’t need premade coils.
Drippers instead use custom made coils that are handbuilt and then cotton is put through the coils for the wicking material.
Wire is cheap, 5M-10M of Kanthal is around 5-10$.
This can last you years as long as you aren’t wasteful or make crazy builds like Clapton or fused Claptons.
Cotton is also very cheap.
You can buy about 100 pieces online for around 8-9$. One piece can re-wick a dual coil build about 2-3 times. If you re-wick your coils EVERYDAY, this amount of cotton can almost last all year!

Learn more Advantages of Vape Dripper at wellontech.com


Hi Folks,

What’s your Monday vaping device?

How many watts do you vape at?

This thread Wellon will introduce a High-quality Machine Grade 510 Thread Vape Box Mod Kit, named Wellon Transformer Kit.

Read on and Keep on Vaping.

Product Feature
> "0" leakage device with air flow in the middle design

> NO accidentally touch with the provided cover

> Specially designed coil experience incredible flavour with huge vapour

> Unmatched starter kit with advanced ergonomic Box Mod design

Learn more Wellon Transformer Kit info at WellonTech.com


Hi Guys,

Vape Tricks 2018 is a special series of articles that The Most Popular Vape Tricks 2018 Survey.

If you think Vape Triangle is the most popular trick in your location.

Please comment below this thread or contact Wellon.

We will share more about the more popular Vape tricks in 2018.

Read on, vaping on.

Easy Guideline on How to perform vape triangle

Use hand movements to turn it into a triangle.
Blow a large dense smoke ring placing your hand behind it.
Blow a thick milky O ring then use your hand to push it, and tap down on the side of it twice in quick succession to bend it into a triangle.
Sounds simple but timing is everything.
Then swipe down twice on the side of the O so it starts to ripple.
The result should be a spinning triangle.

Learn more Vape Triangle Trick tips at WellonTech.com


Hey Folks,

This thread Wellon want to introduce our first Vape Gear, named Wellon Transformer kit.

It’s an Electronic Vaporizer Battery Rechargeable Vapor Starter Kit with Four Colours Available.

Here are some pictures of this starter vape kit.

Starter Vape Kit Introduce
The Wellon Transformer kit is an inexpensive 75-watt mod and 4 mL sub-ohm tank combo. It’s available in black, silver, copper, or brass finishes, this zinc alloy mod is TC compatible with presets for Ni, Ti, SS, and a temperature range of 200-600F. It uses a single-18650 replaceable battery with a load minimum of 0.1 ohm. A cool feature that first piqued my interest was the small hinged magnetic door that covers the +/- buttons. As we know, Wellon Transformer kit produces big cloud and can easily practice vape tricks.

Learn more starter vape gear info at Wellontech.com