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Hi Guys,

This is the second article of The Most Popular Vape Tricks 2018 Survey.

If you think French inhale is the most popular vape trick, please comment below, or contact us.

Wellon wants to share more vape tricks to beginners.

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How To Perform French inhale Trick Like A Pro Vaper

How to Blowing French inhale Vape Trick

To do a French inhale, let the vapor settle in your mouth after a drag.
Basically, what happens during a French inhale is that the vapor flows up from the mouth, so that you can inhale it through your nostrils.
The little twist to this trick is that you have to continually inhale through your nostrils.
gently open your mouth, push your lower jaw out and allow the vapor to exit naturally.

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Hi Vapers,
This thread Wellon want to introduce you an awesome vape tank, named [B]Wellon Transformer Tank[/B].
It’s nice vape tank, and Hot Selling In USA 2017.
Here are some pictures of Wellon Transformer Tank.

[B]Wellon Transformer Tank Introduce[/B]
The tank that comes with this kit is rather interesting.
It’s 47.6mm tall, 22mm in diameter and holds 4ml of liquid.
It’s a bit tall for my liking but that’s a minor complaint.
It is however the first sub-ohm tank that I’ve seen that has middle airflow.
As in the airflow comes in from the middle, not the top and not the bottom.
It works similar to a top airflow tank in this regard but the air actually has less distance to travel.
Whatever you do. Enjoy your life and keep vaping with Wellon Ripple.

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Hi Folks,

This thread we are going to introduce what is Cheerios Vape Trick.

Cheerios Vape Trick is so common that most newbie Vaper can perform it, but few know it’s named.

By the way, a complete kit that will fulfil all your vaping trick needs.

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Read on and keep on vaping.

What is Cheerios Vape Trick?

This trick is quite common but requires a bit of practice.
Once you get the hang of it, prepare for friends and strangers alike to ask for a tutorial.
Cheerios Vape Tricks are just like traditional single O’s, except they’re much, much tinier!

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Hi Guys

This thread we will introduce portable vaporizer starter kit, named Transformer kit.

Here are some pictures of China Manufacture Portable Transformer Vaporizer Starter Kit.

China Manufacturer Portable Transformer Vaporizer Starter Kit

China Manufacturer Portable Transformer Vaporizer Starter Kit

Key Features of transformer Kit

> "0"leakage device with air flow in the middle design

> NO accidentally touch with the provided cover

> Specially designed coil experience incredible flavor with huge vapor, the best vape device for vape trick practice.

> Unmatched starter kit with advanced ergonomic Box Mod design

Transformer Box Tank

4.0ml e-Liquid capacity
Weight: 71g
Diameter: 22mm
Height: 60.2mm (excluding threaded 510)
Symmetric Central Air Flow
Pyrex glass tubes
Standard 510 screw connector

Transformer Box Mod

Dimensions: 82 x 42 x 22mm
Weight: 121g
Temperature range: 200-600ºF (in 10ºC increments)
Output wattage: 1-75w
Resistance: 0.1 – 3.0ohm
Standby current: <50uA
Voltage range: 0.5 – 8.0v
Single 18650 High Drain Battery (sold separately)
Material: Zinc Alloy
Thread: Spring loaded 510
Display: OLED
Temperature Control Modes: Ni, Ti, and SS
Available in Black, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper.

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Hi Folks,

Smoking is not cool at all, vaping is cool.

Never be late to quit smoking, never be late to start vaping.

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So, wellon introducing you a impressive vape trick, named Bull Ring.

A Impressive Vape Trick, Named Bull Ring

Step by Step Teach You Vape Bull Ring Trick

What you have to do is simply blow a thick medium O, and then with your nostrils, inhale the top part of the ring.
Run up behind the “o” and which your nostrils only, in hale the top center of the ring and the illusion of the vape will look like a bull ring.
Using vapour to create ring through your nose like a bull or any pop punk teenager.
This creates the illusion of a bull ring in your nose.

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Hi Guys,

Vaping is a kind of relax during the gap of working.

But you should learn vape 101, like how to purchase Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) compliant e-liquid.

Read this thread find out the answer.

Why Should You Purchase Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Compliant E-liquid?

How to Ensure Your E-Liquid TPD-compliant?
No e-liquid bottles larger than 10 mL, due to TPD require the maximum size of e-liquid bottles is 10ml.
Borne of misplaced fear about the risks of nicotine, the TPD requires that the maximum size for your bottle of e-juice is 10 mL.
Manufacturers are no longer allowed to sell e-liquids in the usual 30ml or 60ml bottles.
Gone are the days of 30 or even 60 mL bottles of e-liquid.

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Hey Folks,

How are things going?

This thread we discuss Vaping VS Smoking.

Smoking is not cool at all, vaping is cool.

Never be late to quit smoking, never be late to start vaping.

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Vape 101: E-cigarettes are not the Same as Traditional Cigarettes

Vape can be the Alternative to Smoking
At least in New York, it is now recognized that e-cigarettes are not the same as traditional cigarettes.
It makes no sense to treat vaping the same as smoking. It was because of this difference between the two that e-cigarettes were able to become so popular in the first place.
It grabbed the attention of the thousands of smokers who were looking for a way to quit smoking.
E-cigarettes were brought about and have been marketed as an alternative to smoking from the start.
It was an attempt to provide people unable to quit smoking with an alternative that would actually work. So far, vaporizers have already helped thousands of people quit smoking (at least one year).
Many of these people say they would not have been able to quit had it not been for e-cigarettes.

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Hi Folks,

This thread Wellon want to discuss an FDA Latest Vape Ban Regulation.

If you don’t know this vape ban, please read on.

Or comment this thread, let me know what your thought about FDA Latest Regulation: How the Prohibition of Distributing Free Samples Tobacco Products.

Here we go, vape on:

FDA Latest Regulation: How the Prohibition of Distributing Free Samples Tobacco Products?

The Prohibition of Distributing Free Samples of Tobacco Products
This guidance is intended to help tobacco product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers understand the prohibition of distributing free samples of tobacco products set forth in Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 1140 and to explain what you should do in order to comply with the regulations.
The document explains, among other things, what activities and which persons are subject to the regulations, as well as how the prohibition of distributing free samples apply to the distribution of tobacco products through:
1, non-monetary exchanges;
2, membership and rewards programs;
3, contests and games of chance;
4, business-to-business exchanges.

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