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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



This is the show I went to last year. Not the same as being there but this is a decent video.





Damn its been 7 years since I saw Waters in Omaha. Complete Wall album. Was amazing.


Oh and this one 23 yrs ago… damn was good.


Awesome to find a recording of the one I was actually at. Im down on the floor 4 sections back… Someone smuggled in a V8 to record it. LOL


Even with my gun plugs in my ears for the concert my ears rang for 2 days. Cant imagine what it was like unprotected.



Damn where are the days…


Happy Valentine’s Day !



This song is 4:20, just saying…

It doesn’t get Eddie Vedder than this.





I cant get enough of these bands


I was privileged enough to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in a very small hall in Germany in 1975.
Hell of a show.


I wish we have a time machine :guitar::guitar::drum::musical_keyboard::notes::musical_score::musical_note:


h-ttps://archive.org/details/JeffLynneHydePark2014 < kept getting invalid link message remove the dash
The top link is the full Hyde Park concert but I can’t direct link it. Saw him play at the Hollywood bowl last yr and got plans to see him again this Aug at the Forum in Los Angeles, Ca


Thanks for the share , a couple of my favorites.