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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


That is perhaps my favorite PF song. That steel guitar around the six minute mark is surreal.


I don’t know where the hell I got the time I listed… yours is mo better :slight_smile:



“This video is not available” :frowning:


Sorry it is working on my end .You can go to you tube and search Not Fade Away 5 28 1977 and it should find that version. Sorry



NP. It’s prolly different for different countries. Here’s one that worked for me in case anybody else has same problem:

Oh! And since you got me posting in this thread again… *grins *

here’s a great animation I just found to another early Floyd/Syd Barret track, the Scarecrow. (I always had a big soft spot for that track, anyway)


I love the ending of The Scarecrow. Hard to explain but it’s so hypnotic. I wish it went on forever :smiley:


Here’s a hypnotic beginning for you. Both my son and I are totally riveted, every time, by the intro to the following song…which is a bit of problem , cos good though it is, the song itself just isn’t special enough to wear that intro! and therefore comes as a disappointment :rofl:.

Ah well, to be fair to them I’ll add a Beatles Cover by same band, which is great all the way through.


Heck. The trouble with this thread is I just accidentally started Syd Barret and 801 playing simultaneouslty just before navigating away . Aaaaaaaargh! Not the first time I’ve done something like like that…and with something like 300 tabs up ( there’s something too final about closing a tab *whimper *)

Ah well, since I’m back here, yet again, i’ll add that 801 comprised the better half of Roxy Music , freed from the shadow of Bryan Ferry’s ego, together with a sort of Who’s Who of British rock at that time. You probably don’t know that, cos they were never very well known, and only made 2-3 albums, one of which i rushed out and bought… and the other one, ummm, I forgot to return that to the library :blush:

Heck my old vinyl collection might be worth a small fortune, if I hadn’t pretty much cherished it to death ( I am incapable of being careful :blush:) . Thank goodness that most of it is coming up on You Tube where I can hear it again, and no danger of scratching it!


Thanks @TheTinMan enjoy!


I’ve seen the bright lights of Memphis…

Excellent choice my friend.


Tonight it was Robert Plant in concert :sunglasses:

:fire: The old boy still has it! :fire:



Two of my son’s (and now mine!) favourite Post Rock songs:


A short documentary about Jeff Healey




Myt new ringtone :sweat_smile: