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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


How about a heavy cover of Africa to offset all the fruity flutes?


Wish i could say i was there, but i missed it by a whisker. Was 10 miles away, busy being an oblivious ten-year-old . I had to wait another four years before being blown away by my first taste of King Crimson

I’d also like to post the original album version, but the copyright nazis had put paid to that , last i checked :frowning:
The CD of whole glorious album, is just uselessly sitting next to my desk (and original vinyl upstairs) . Can’t share with my mates, like we all used to.


Yeah, could be a lot worse. After two albums I begged for some Rush which we both love so compromise is possible.


I’m sure he’s familiar with this one. He knows them ALL. All the musical tech stuff as well behind the songs.


Interesting choice for this style of cover. I love listening to alternative cover versions.


Saw the trailer for the Queen bio-pic. The kid from Mr Robot plays Freddie and he looks the part. Can’t wait to see it.


Ooh! ooh! ooh! you spelled biopic with a hyphen! Sorry, this is totally irrelevant , but i wish i’d met you decades ago. I spent years and years believing that word rhymes with myopic, and is some sort of corruption of the same. which rather made sense to me. "close up view of the character (s) " see? It was about three-four years ago I finally heard someone say the word and the penny dropped. The word should always be hyphenated IMO, for the sakes of idiots like myself who read a lot more than they talk. .But this is the first time ever saw it done!


OK, that cracked me up!


Never thought I’d ever see/hear this…but I like it!


Hmmm, well I kinda like hearing Jonathan Richman singing “I’m a little airplane, nyowww” but i try to keep that quiet…oops!:blush:
At least those guys sing a lot better than JR ! Gotta give you that.


I am speechless @paingawd. I am without speech. But I did chuckle at the intro. We are just so Aussie sometimes eh? Something a little different for me with the Twelve Foot Ninja but liked it nevertheless :grinning: Cheers mate…


That one caught me so friggin’ off guard-Gotta hand it to them, tho-They know their instruments! I watched more than a couple of their videos yesterday. Kind of like a slow-mo car crash: You can’t bear to look, but you can’t avert your eyes from the scene. Good Stuff-Cheers!


OK, finally found a link to that young Aussie fella I mentioned here on the 27 Apr (#572). He’s a looper from my home town Perth who did Prince’s “When Doves Cry” for his blind audition on The Voice here in Australia. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.

P.S. He ended up on Kelly Rowland’s team and is in the finals elimination on Sunday night here. Go Sammy!




RIP Danny Kirwan :heart:


Great vid. Tnx for posting. No one can replace Freddie. :heart:



If you’re into electronica/EDM/trance, then you might want to give this a listen(If you’ve not already done so!) I’ve been listening to this the last day or so and I can’t stop. If anyone has any recommendations to more like this, I’m all ears(Yes, crappy pun intended) Enjoy!



Originally I wasn’t gonna listen to the whole 1:32:00 of this one @paingawd but ended up doing it anyway. Pretty cool “background” music while looking up flavor notes and recipes etc. Even managed to make up some juice and wrap a few coils while I was at it :grin: Sorta strange that everything’s quiet now. OK, off we go to read some more posts and research some RDTAs. Thanks for the share mate …. Cheers


Wow! Cool music!