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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


True there @Mew, and still one of the better acts of he’s live with miss Montserrat Caballé, a perfect example of he’s divine skills.


Stuff that absolutely doesn’t go together… lol, but still in one of my playlists if I don’t want to listen too metal etc.


Posted b4 but it’s what I’m listenin to. And he’s vaping. :heart:


If you like that here’s a muttly mix for you, defy stereotypes… :boom:


Hey, thanks - I liked it!


It’s a Puscifer kinda day!(NSFW language, m’kay?)


My 2yr has control of my phone and tv right now. So guess what she wants to listen to…


Hot dog :hotdog: hot diggity dog :dog: lol




Ooh! It’s a fusion of just about all the music genres that I really dislike.
And yet I like it!
Plus I’m a sucker for feel-good vids fulla shiny happy people (Notice the sneaky REM quote? though actually that’s not exactly my favourite song of theirs)
Anyway the vid reminds me of this wonderful vid by the Be Good Tanyas:

Coincidentally , they also have a habit of making me like genres that I otherwise dislike .




Re: Justin and his Shovel Guitar

That be some nice slide guitar there @Rob62. Always good to see true musical talent shining through. Wouldn’t be disappointed if more “gems” such as this found their way onto this thread. Great work and thanks for the share. Cheers…




having fun !!






Decided I don’t like the song I posted here so… here’s some CCR