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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



Found this song in a mountainbike video


Kind of get a cross between Em and Hop-Good find!


yeah, NF is from Gladwin, MI and grew up listening to Eminem, hence the similarities. That is his latest video (off his next album I think) but some of his other songs from his first 3 albums are way better IMO. He is actually a Christian and his first album under his real name (Nathan Feuerstein) was more Christian Rap than what his 3 albums since signing to a label and taking his new moniker have been like. You will notice he basically never curses like most other rappers. I have been listening to all 4 of his albums a lot since I stumbled across him. He actually has a concert tomorrow at DTE Energy in Clarkston, MI which isn’t far from me but I haven’t been to a concert in ages.




I almost re-posted the Fall’s “Repetiton” to follow that. :grinning: Not that I’m complaining!

And now for another great Dylan cover:






Most crasy supporter song you can imagine :star_struck:






Have a happy 4th of July! :us:




Remembering Chester. RIP brother.



POGO – Data & Picard

I am a huge Sci-Fi fan @DarkJester89 and have seen just about every single episode of every single ST franchise so was intrigued by what this might be like. Man, where did you find this? This was absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the share, loved it! :grin: Cheers.