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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


There’s still hope for my dancing style… :sunglasses:


I found it browsing youtube, at first I thought it was kind odd and first but now I can’t stop listening to it lmao POGO does remix videos of all kinds of stuff, this is the first one that I’ve liked though


I know what you mean, I just watched it again myself :grin: It’s got an addictive quality to it I must say. I post comments on a Rugby League site over here in Oz and close off with a SOTW (Song Of The Week). Gotta be honest and say I stole (borrowed) the idea from here. This one is definitely going up on Thursday night. The crew will love it hopefully. Cheers and thanks again… :+1:



Don’t know why, but this song is currently stuck on replay inside the old cranial jukebox…

In case you couldn’t tell by the song title, NSFW or little ears.





Thanks for the Sabbath posting . All from the album Paranoid, which has been on my mind this week, cos I’m in the middle of a clearout and couldn’t resist looking through my old vinyl collection. I don’t know how it happened (maybe lost in one of my house moves? ) but I just found out some of the best ones are missing , including that album. . Also missing (and the most grievous loss of all) is Court of the Crimson King (King Crimson) . And the Firstborn is Dead, Nick Cave’s amazing 1985 album (from back when only weirdos listenened to him :grinning:)

Here are some tracks from that last:

I didn’t know that Elvis had a stillborn twin before I heard that song! Then looked it up , because, well, I thought it wasprobably just Cave’s dark fantasy. Heck, it’s quite disturbing how historically accurate some of his “dark fantasies” are!

The next is a Bob Dylan cover! But with a load of extra lyrics thrown in by Cave:

And finally:


@jay210 Good stuff, and you HAVE to love the albums. I’m still going through my collection. Have digitized all for safety, but you just can’t beat (or replicate) the smooth, warm analog sounds of vinyl.


I don’t have the equiment to play them on anyway! just keeping for sentimental reasons I suppose- and for the sake of those sleeves! They just don’t look the same, shrunk to CD size.

But now you say that, just occurred to me, that my ex was gonna digitise some of my albums for me, years ago, but hit a snag. They might be at his place. There’s a bit of a snag there though. He died last week. Do you think it would be indelicate to ask about them ?

Oh! For crying out loud! I just realised that Joy Division’s “Closer” is also missing. :frowning:

My vinyl collection was always much thinner than I’d like, cos I was always dirt-poor, had to make do with home-made tapes from friends for the most part .But it was never this thin!


OK so , to commemorate my dead vinyl collection, here’s my favourite Joy Division track: :slightly_smiling_face:

I recall that when my relationshup with the love-of-my-life (not the same person as my Ex) fell apart, I recorded that song repeatedly end-to-end on both sides of a cassette, so i could listen to it all day without too much faff (nor risk to the album) . And yet I still didn’t get bored with it! It remains my favourite to this day!






A lil’ Babymetal for WTF Wed :heart:


WTF Wednesday-W00T!!!

Stumbled across this at around 0245 in the midst of yet another pain-induced round of insomnia, and it summed up my last week so well that I thought I’d share.

It’s like these guys took GWAR, Juggalos, NuMetal and tossed it all into a blender and hit PULP. Obviously, NSFW lyrics!



What the hell was that? WTF indeed! That was crazy, scary, awesome! I’m on the wrong side of 50 but that just makes me want to go to one of their concerts! Woo-Hoo! Thanks for the post @Mew. Still can’t quite believe what I just saw :open_mouth: Cheers…


Nothing since my post above so I thought I might whack this one up here. Great Aussie band (IMO) from the 80s. Enjoy!