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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Getting a head start on WTF Wednesday. Both aren’t so much WTF, more like whuh??

Up first-How’s about a little haka in your metal? Yes, you heard me! The whole song in in Maori and it rips. Good stuff for metal-tuned ears.

Next up, is some black metal(Or is it death core? I always get those confused…) Can’t quite decide what’s more fucky-the weird-as-hell playing around in the woods(Replete with simulated anal copulation) or the Cookie Monster lyricism that devolve into Scooby Doo on a bad acid trip. I’ll let you brave few be the judge! Happy Wednesday, everyone!



Here’s one for all you Faith no More fans


And one for all the MC Hammer fans out there



Never knew FnM did a cover of that-Thanks for the share!


LOVE IT!!! Made me think of this song for some weird reason, tho-


Pretty hard to decide who sings is better tho :slight_smile: Mike Patton is pretty awesome


I have a friend in FL who seen these guys a few times. Your Mickey D post reminded me of them. :hamburger:


Here’s my entry for WTF Wed but I think the Tin Man takes it this week. I had to add his song to my WTF playlist. :clap:


Here’s the ultimate WTF video :slight_smile:


@paingawd Nice. That caught me OFF guard.


The Man, if you didn’t get any with this song playing, a lil bit wine, some candles burning !!! well you might of been missing out on some good loving :blue_heart::blue_heart:


Then if that did’nt work , this one will !!!


Agreed- @TheTinMan wins the WTF Award this week! I was so enamored with that Ween track I added it to my regular rotation-Fits right in!


Right?!?!? My YouTube algorithm makes some pretty out there suggestions at times. Every once in a while I’m glad of that-This being one of those. They’ve got another video that actually has closed captioning for the lyrics(Shows the English equivalent) It’s pretty wicked-A bit dark, but then so are some hakas.


A little bit of The Cure usually worked wonders for me. As Kyle said, “Disintegration is the best album EVER!!!”




Just listenin to some from the last show and came across this one. You can really hear Alex’s (keys) classical and jazz roots.