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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


For WTF Wednesday, I present to you this lovely little bit of nightmare fuel-


First time I saw this video clip I literally thought… WTF. Is it a spoof or is he serious? WTF he’s serious. OMG

Then I saw this and laughed my ass off…


Stewie did it better! Speaking of covers…When I came across this, I immediately thought of you for some reason…


Now that Goofy voice was epic and funny as hell. Im still laughing. xD
And you are right… Stewie did that better. Whenever anyone breaks out in song on Family Guy you know is always gonna be something “special”.


Amy Lee happened to it, basically. At least from what I remember.

Ben Moody still does stuff - but if Amy did anything after her album without him I really don’t care, whatever his role was, it was important - or she just ran out of juice. Doesn’t matter much.

Also Within Temptation is pretty solid (Moody is in it).


Just mowed the damn lawn and nearly died from the humidity, drinking a beer and listening to this a few times. Cause – funny. It’s basically sociopathic and vaguely awesome.

Also, I want that man’s mutton chops.



I still regret not going to see the Eagles when I had the chance a few years back. Love this song and a nice end of summer song… RIP Glenn Frey :heart::heart::heart:


This one always makes me smile :slight_smile:







i guess this fits for wtf wednesday, I have been listening to these guy’s ep since I heard about them.

They have some more audio/video on their channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK33kufuprDPsfRPkMfgoRA/videos


One day late… wtf. Turn it up!!!



Love these guys. Seeing them live is a great experience



Amy Lee, you camera hog, lmao not that i’m complaining though but staring at the camera the whole time lmao

…checks google history on evanescence, apparently, in 2016, she said the band is coming back in the future.

Awesome artists/bands though, great music from both.