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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


If you couldn’t stop listening to yours you’ll love this one also.
Peace Enjoy!

Style: Goa Progressive & FullOn Psytrance / NeoGoa
In Hindi India language how and where it originated.

Good to free your mind and energy.


Got some things to get done today-This is definitely gonna be playing! Thanks for the post!


NP i know it can be confusing it’s energy concentration type music. I just made his YT channel my go to spot. Just pick the tempo (BPM Beats per minute) you need to raise your energy and off you go.

Psychedelic Entertainment Channel.

Psychedelic is a genre of electronic music characterized by hypnotic rhythmic arrangements and complex synth melodies and strong fast-time riffs. It became popular for the first time in 1995, when it echoed the phenomenon of goa trance. Since then the genre has grown a lot to offer a great variety of sonorities, times and styles. Some of the most popular Psychedelic subgenres are:

*Progressive Psytrance (134-138 BMP)
*Tribal Psy/Ethnic Psy (136-140 BPM)
*Goa Trance/Neo Goa (135-150 BMP)
*Psytrance (138-142 BMP)
*Full On Psytrance (140-148 BMP)
*Psychedelic Trance (145-148 BMP)
*Forest Psytrance (150-160 BMP)
*DarkPsy (140-155 BMP)
*Hi-Tech (170-230 BMP)

Visit his channel and you will find albums, sets and mixes of all these subgenres.


Seeing as I missed last week, I’ll drop two videos. JOY!!!

Don’t snort forest-It leads to lumberjacking, and you could go blind! Drugs are bad, m’kay?

Next, my favorite metal band from Down Under brings the WTF-ery to new heights, just in time for Halloween-SPOOKY!

The video is a little long, but the craptastic cinematography more than makes up for the time taken to enjoy this…this…video.

Enjoy, and have a great evening!


:hibiscus::honeybee: :" Hello goodby I’m rather crazy and I never thought I was crazy…"




Turn it up, Way up.

Not sure where my head is at tonight but I like it.



ORIGINAL MIX Builds from 3:00 to end till ur overflooded with intensity
These r better on a good sound system esp, the remix!

AMAZING REMIX version comparison (Gotta Love remixes)

The DOOR starts opening…at 1:30


Oceanlab is probably my favorite A&B work. I guess know what I’ll be listening to again at work today.





I had the great privilege of seeing this song played live when Pink Floyd toured for The Division Bell. I will ALWAYS get goosebumps hearing this song-Great share!!


+1 @Mew I have played this song more times than I can remember, and I also can’t remember the last time I heard it !!!

Reminded me of how next level it is/was/still is.


Agree @paingawd that is the correct word… a “privilege” and @SessionDrummer . …that song is timeless. I never tire of listening to it.
My older brother took me to see them when I was just a kid and I was blown away. I have seen many bands live and whenever anyone asks my fav show, it’s PF hands down. Roger Waters re-creation of the Wall was amazing as well. Even Brit Floyd was surprisingly so so good but Gilmour is just a rock icon genius and glad to see he’s still touring and playing. I hope to see him if he ever comes around again. :heart:





Man, I really gotta stop listening to your posts before bedtime. Hard to get to sleep when your soul’s trying to boogie!! :+1: :hugs: