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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



Humans just don’t have the groove for it. Sorry.

We might look scary but we are very lovable creature. :rofl:



How did you get a camera in my house?!?!?


Yolandi’s really letting her hair down!


Was checking out Ephy posts and it brought me here.

This is rather moving… now I can never eat chicken guilty free again. I even Tagged it… Is it weird to like singing chickens?




Ever since Suburban Lawns was posted a couple weeks back, I’ve been on an 80’s punk/new wave kick. This song’s been bouncing around the noggin all friggin day…


Hehe @paingawd that guy (well those guys) have a unique thing going there.


The first song I ever heard from the Toy Dolls was Nellie the Elephant and from the first round of the chorus I was hooked like a friggin marlin! They do a pretty whacked out version of Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes as well.



Great Aussie band from the 80s. Only putting this version up ‘cos it’s about 2 mins longer than the original. For me, this is typical Hunters. Crank up the volume peeps…



There are certain bands posted that will ALWAYS get a +1 from me-Tull is near tops on that list!


Kind of a “Midnight Oil meets Oingo Boingo” feel. I dig it-Thanks for the share!


This guys bow is completly ruined by the end. I couldn’t stop LMAO


Talk about shredding! LOL!!! :rofl:


I absolutely love this woman and miss her so bad. She still makes this grown man cry :cry: Forever in my heart Janis…


sounding mighty fine, with my plantronics voyager focus uc bluetooth headset,