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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Going to see the legend tonight. Stoked.


get no ideas, lol, she married to him,unless…


Feeling hyped :crazy_face:
Just got the tracking number for True and Intake :dash::dash::dash:


Nice @VladVlad


chicks are gone, time to get serious


I’ll see your Evil and Double down the DAMAGE INC.


lol, u really dont want to get evil w/ me tho


Im a big horror fan so it won’t bother me if its scary.

If ya must post it go ahead.

This Cat was Rockn back in the 50? Really catchy tune.


when the metalhead does house chores

edit: ytube being a lazy ass ?


and then u decide not to


i gotta mellow down once in a while


u hear Metallica everywhere now tho, …


love catching funny as hell shit vids


Stumbled across these guys on reddit, and I’m digging their sound. Good mellow for a Monday after a craptastic weekend!


For some reason I keep rewinding to 4:10 in the video. :rofl:


Not one of ATB’s best songs but the nature video is top notch.


No time to vote having to much fun.

But for all the losers in this election. Here’s some of the best Blues known to mankind to soothe their SOULS.

Awh dang… I forgot they’re POLITICIANS! Enjoy anyways.





Lets have some more Queen!