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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



I Just cant get enough of her music. One of my favorite artists.



How can you sleep when you keep trying to figure out what these bugs are saying to each other? :scream:

:bug: Betty I was almost eaten by a bird today.

:beetle: Green your the only friend I have what would I do without you?


How can you not sleep with nature sounds?
I grew up in the outdoors, city sounds stress the hell out of me

but I’m mixing, not sleeping :wink:


Thats IS some serious talent and great sounds and vibes. +1


Then turn the bugs up! Open the window, and you can listen to Bugs in stereo. :honeybee::beetle::bug::ant::spider::spider_web::scorpion::mosquito:



Squonkin on the Recurve and listening to Squonk :koala::eggplant::eggplant:


Yes yes yes @Mix_and_Hope




It aint the chicks, just the music that comes to mind, honest




I never try anything, i just do it! Wanna try me?


gay to watch skinny band members w/o shirts?


Yep its just about the music for me to I agree! :grin:


cleavage in a video just distracts from the music, personally i dont watch, just listen https://youtu.be/BHRFZFmEq9o?list=PLtTZGZmql5pky25WFpBmhLvmFwyOfhnaS


Ok reupped the original song without the distractions. Green Eyes :eyes: