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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


Nice drop! A little mellow two-tone is just what the DR orders today!


@paingawd I think one of the BEST concerts I ever saw, was Satch with Stu Hamm, and Jonathan Mover in the 80’s. Small arena in Georgetown DC.

BUT, that doesn’t mean Jeff Campitelli is any slouch either !!!

Live to just too much fun with Satch.

Or maybe just hanging out at Guitar Center LOL ??


I fairly confident that’s off surfing with an alien.


My favorite song off that album



Stumbled across this on Spotify the other day and I thought it was pretty catchy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kf8ibi15tU


I’ll always LIKE a post with K FLay!



Can only be played at the highest volume. And love the drum part on this classic


To be followed by an exceptional cover…


K-Flay…even the name is catchy. Here’s my fav of hers. I probs posted it b4 but this just gives me a reason to repost it.


Well one of them… heehee :grinning:
Hope you are doin alright and have what you need Sorry I made you cry. There is something about that Satriani song that strikes an emotional nerve for me as well but not sure why.
Stay safe my friend and thankful you and yours are all OK…Good to see you here and posting cuz we both know that music is medicine for the soul :heart:


Preaching to the choir, there! Music has been the only thing keeping me sane as of late. That, and a roomful of some tense kitties that need some scritches…




It must feel good having a real talent… :rofl:


Took the wife to see Avenue Q last year-LOVED IT!


Way cool remake of America’s Lonely People


This is way cool