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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


This is a cool video


Cool banjo part there, fits pretty good, always love the Floyd, another good one is picking on Pink Floyd, various artist, some pretty good reditions of Floyd bluegrass versions.



Yeah the banjo lead was cool :+1:


Reminds me this stuff :slight_smile:


Or this


Yeah i’ve seen the thunderstruck video before these guys are good :grinning:


And now for something I really love (and i’m not ashamed to admit it!)


Maybe this?


Don’t really like slipknot :stuck_out_tongue:


Love that song @adary.


It’s still a while, but they’re playing these songs on the radio all day long…
Anyone else getting in the mood already?


From the remake of A Star is Born



This session didn’t help my career as a bass player but it was fun.




I can’t believe I’ve never heard this band before now. It started out sounding like a pickin’ and grinnin’ song then …wow! Sent me on a listening spree. xD
Thank you so much for sharing. :heart:


Cool you like it. This is the opening song to that album, and was the first I heard back when I came upon them. I guess some people are put off by the singers religious antics, but me being a non-native listener, I didn’t even notice. Thought that’s all just like “typical american” religious figures of speech ;). But he’s a true and deep musician, one of those guys I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but making music.


I’m going to have to agree with @Mew this is fantastic!