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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



That reminded me of this:

Then that to this:

And they’re both gone, too! :woman_facepalming:


Me as well , both are great.





Ok, @BoyHowdy, are you listening outside my window or what???


Nope , don’t be so paranoid!


sorry for the bleeping long playlist :smiley:




@Molly_Mcghee thanks for the Garbage tune , totally forgot about that one!:star_struck:



Anyone into the synth-pop from the 80’s? It oddly found a home next to Marshall Tucker and Led Zeppelin, largely because it was pretty much “makeout music” back so long ago when I used those sorts of words. You did what the chicks dug, you know?


nowhere to go= patriots !!!


I liked a few of them , like you say you kinda had too between the girls and MTV.

I actually got more into the Madonna You Can Dance.I had a briefcase style cassette holder filled up and the majority was from either the hair bands of the day or classic rock.
I still love this tune, good times!


I may have hit below the Mendoza Line, but I scratched a few runs across the plate.



I see what you did there @Rob62 !


To be honest I haven’t listened to every album of theirs but Lonerism did win album of the year in Australia :wink:
Another band I’m lovin atm.