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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?



Somebody used the term “Medicine Flower heads” (which would include me) on another thread, and the term stuck in my mind like a broken record. And hey!" I’ve just suddely recalled this band, from back in the seventies (when i was a teenager) and this song of theirs , which i particlarly liked. And I still do , now I hear it again. Not gonna infict a rubbish song on you guys, not just cos the band is called MEDICINE HEAD (but oooh! what a cool name :grin:)




parental advisory warning on this one folks! @BoDarc



@Rob62 Here is a video of my friend , he writes most of his songs. He quit smoking and now vapes and has interest in mixing,I hope he will join the forum soon.


After work chill time.






That’s enough for now. Good cuts though.


Clapton , Winwood , and Talbot… Yeah don’t get much better than that!


Uhhh, zombie violence:




nah na-nah


I was just 16 when I first heard this. Great to be that age and realising what this song is all about. Ah, the days when people could sing great songs without all them fandangle studio gizmos we have today. Enjoy…