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What are you playing?


What’cha playing and please do comment about it as well, like an apology – why you playing, what’s so good, should others get into it, wherefore?

stares at the stuff above I talk weird when I’m drinking.

Anywho – here’s me:

Past. . .emm. . .weeks, not sure how many, call it 4 or 5. I’m playing Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on PC – cause I sold my PS4 about a year ago or something. I love this game. The story is very Japanese, tho much of the aesthetics are supposed to be Western RPG in form, including dragons. The combat is very satisfying third person you and one NPC you can choose their class and skills and equips or – plus 2 made by either some random generator (if offline) or what other people’s NPC they control (online) – keep in mind they’re still just NPCs, not co-op. Plenty of large mini-boss enemy types, but open in the world, fight as often as you like (either use a dx cheat hook’s hotkey to advance the hours thru a couple days to respawn, or use the in-game inns to sleep a few days) plus one true boss in the game, a pretty bad-ass set piece with several stages, very satisfying. But back to that story – it’s a complex set-up of how the game’s world works. It’s. . .beautiful. If you have experience with Japanese stories, be it anime, games, novels, or even ancient tales — believe me, I have experience with all of them – especially that last one. . . Japan is very xenophobic, but the beauty of the preserved ancient literary forms is almost worth it. . . speaking as a history and literature expert and disowning my near obsession with human kindness for a bit . . . for those who don’t know what I’m getting at, for the initiate it boils down to once key feature: The soul of the individual in reference to the world is essential. That is, the world has just enough backstory to make it understandable, the plot is very, very loose and only really has a few key posts for guidance — and the spirit of the warrior, the purity and power of the individual soul in service of an ideal that’s the plot. I won’t spoil it – but you won’t get nearly what you might want as an American, but the point is (and I grant funding has a more than a bit to do with a lot of it, especially side-plots being so poorly fleshed out) that it is the taking of the story into the soul of the person engageing the plot that creates the true story. Take an example from Megaman – where the American ideal comes from the power of the gun, the Japanese ideal is that the hero’s power comes from within – this also applies to the story, the story comes from within.

I really love the game – the idea of it, which you do not fully grasp until very nearly the end, is more interesting than the game itself – and enough I’ve put a lot of time into this while listening to books, not just now, but over the years. Just think, without spoiling anything – what justifies your life? Your answer for this modern kind of life won’t match the story itself, but think about what your life is justified by as you play, and that’s the real story. Everything else is there to challenge that, there is no meaningful character plot, it’s the world itself that has character, not the people, and you have to find yourself in reference to that world.

Like I said, it’s beautiful. That said, climbing a cyclops an stabbing it in the eye is a helluva lot of fun. give it a shot if you’ve got like 30 USD, I think that’s the steam cost. . .I got it free on PS3 thru PS+ in like 2012 – and bought it the day it hit PC because, damn man, I love this game.Played about 100 hours in just the weeks I’ve been replaying, might’ve hit nearly 1000 by now, as many or more than Skryim – especially because It’s a great thing to use my hands while I read — audiobooks are the shit man, allows you to read and double-task. And trust me, read thousands of books physically, and about a thousand audiobooks since I started about 18 months ago with those — 350 this year, and we’ve just closed out 5 months. Very, very few people have a fraction of the experience comparing the act of reading vs. the act of listening to audiobooks. . .trust me, all the positives of books exist in audiobooks – they aren’t the same thing, but audiobooks are just as good – and for people who have read enough to have the imaginative muscle necessary, audiobooks are decidedly better. . .but again, only if you’ve read enough books. My specialties are Literature and History – the first just generally anything I can get in English, read tens of thousands of books in my life, tho I couldn’t name 95% of them. . .but as a brilliant man once said “Do you remember what you ate last year? I don’t remember what I read last year either – but it nourished me as much as any meal.” – and actually my memory is quite good, I remember quite a lot if you drag me back thru what I’ve read.

I’m drunk, the fuck was I speaking of? Dragon’s Dogma is great, and very in keeping with Japanese stories circa, well, before the Warring States Period, but not more than two or three centuries before, get’s too strictly poetic back then.

Edit: Still drunk re-reading this, but I am surprisingly coherent. Mwahaha – bow before my mastery of English! >.> Bugger. . …Bite me :stuck_out_tongue: Editing all this is just too much effort, it’s good enough for a forum, just a conversation. Even trying to listen to a book at the same time. Doing all right, but I’m not a genius man – well, :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, I wouldn’t be able to gush, or be confident in what I know, sober.


I mean… right now I am super busy moving out, so I don’t get to play much, but I am in LOVE with Overwatch.
Favourite character is Zenyatta. One of my ex-boyfriends was the person that for real got me into “real” gaming like 4-5 years ago. I was just trying to be a good girlfriend and show interest in the things he liked and he got me into League of Legends, for a while that became like my heroin. Then I hit my Skyrim phase, which is still my favorite game, ultra modded of course. I played WoW for a bit, but it was too big of a time sink, same with Wurm.

Just tried Heroes of the Storm recently, which is okay I guess, but I’ve been in love with Overwatch since S1 and I do play some Hearthstone and stuff just in between.

I don’t really know what to say about the game if anybody wants to know about it, there is more than enough videos/blogs/news etc.

Seems like a fun topic though, where are mah gamers at?! :laughing:


Seriously … wtf are you talking about?


I’m currently pretty obsessed with playing Minecraft. I know it’s kind of older now and a kiddie game and whatever, but it’s so relaxing to me. Building stuff and mining do something for my OCD that’s like nirvana. I just love it. No apologies! I originally bought it for my daughter but it fell out of favor I guess so she only played a couple of times. I’m glad my $30 is being put to a good use!

I blame @Joel5 mostly cuz he suggested it and @Nappen (and indirectly Rawjer cuz he plays too :stuck_out_tongue: but I dunno his @ name on here).


It’s so much fun! I was forced to learn how to play when my son was two. His sisters played but didn’t have the patience to teach him. Now he watches Minecraft videos on YouTube more than he actually plays it, but the rest of the family are huge Minecraft fans.


Ive been stuck on dragon age: origins for the longest time. I had 90+% of the achievements completed for the xbox 360 version. Then tradegy struck and the xbox was assaulted by my 3 year old. It perished in the fight.
We now have a ps3 and I acquired the dragon age origins ultimate edition. OMG origins, awakening and all 7 downloadable packs ( ex: soldiers peak, lilianas song, stone prisoner, witch hunt etc)
I am one happy lady right now. <3


I spent way more time than I care to admit to watching Minecraft Let’s Plays last summer. But I only started playing this summer. LoL. I think the game is amazing. The concept is awesome and is everything a CS person in gaming could aspire to. A brilliant idea that takes off and inspires other people to create things to make it better. Or at least this CS person. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m a Dark Souls fanatic when I get to be, which isn’t nearly often enough…


Well this isn’t facebook so posting drunk is ok.


I play with my eldest son online…

I built this all myself…


Guess I’m really showing my age (again), but I play Ultima Online. Yes, it’s still around.
Been playing off and on since '97. Dedication to the first MMORPG, I guess.
I tried WoW, but it just doesn’t do anything for me.
Been on hiatus for a few months, but as always, I will return, until they close out the last server.
It’s been my relief valve for pent up aggression for too long to quit now.


How the hell have you played the same game for 20 years o.o I mean, I still play FF VII every few years – but it went from twice a year to once a year to . …it’s been about 3-4 years since I even played it I think.

I realize there’s not really an answer beyond the obvious – but my brain just does not work that way man. I just finished DDDA yesterday actually – not sure what I’ll do next >.> NiER Automata looks okay.


I play plenty of others, just not as often.
I guess it’s the people. I’ve known quite a few of them for years, a couple for almost the entire 20.
I’ve known quite a few of the developers and played with the creators (but that was way back at the beginning, then they sold out to EA, which has led to a severe slow down of new content).
It’s a game that has grown old with me and created many a lifetime friends.
Outside of UO, I play a good bit of elder scrolls (not just skyrim).


Diablo 3, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3, Darkest Dungeon, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3 are all in my library. When the new STYX becomes a little lower in price I will get that.

The game that gets me through tough times is Journey. I live and love that game.


PUBG on Xbox one, and I picked xbox over sony because sony has given up there player support in my eyes when they don’t want to adapt to the changing game market, (no backwards compt., no combined player lobbies with other consoles) etc
all of my friends play on xbox one anyway, and all I heard about was PUBG, and since I bought the xbox one s with pubg, that’s all I want to talk about XD

except for mixing juice, that is.

Are we allowed to share G/T’s on here??


No idea. But I don’t play online games - I got enough of the crap you get there in middle school man. It’s just, not fun if you’re not straight and a dude. To put it mildly.

I did replay DDDA again a couple weeks ago tho. And State of Decay 2 this weekend - which was another one of those “Mile wide and about an inch deep” games. Jumped in, it was loads of fun, had a look around and was like “Oh, this is all there is. . . .” There’s a lot of interesting stuff on the structural end, but the actual gameplay got boring quite fast.