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What are your unexpected (or not) flavor pairings that worked out


This is a staple additive on Reddit and AFT. I see this being used a lot to enhance fruit mixes.

I see a lot of the top rated recipes on ELR use that SB/DF Combo too.


Didn’t know it got chatter elsewhere and I never looked for combos here in the DB, whoopsie. I don’t do Reddit and not sure what AFT is (senior moment maybe?) I first thought of it because the first non-cigarette flavored juice I ever had was a DF variant and boy did I love it, even though I didn’t know why.


for an example of dragon fruit that works; and trust me I hate the stuff standalone. Explanation that may or may not be true underneath as to why it works.

Tempted to use the method with cheesecake and fuji suggested by @TheFlavorSeeker above.


What % percentage would you say to use Dragonfruit to brighten Strawberry? I can’t seem to really taste any Strawberry.


That’s too subjective with a lot of variants in play, but I’d probably say as a general rule maybe 80% strawberry to 20% DF? It’s tough because we know strawberries are generally pretty light, so it’ll take some testing for you to get to your happy place.


Thanks for the reply. Time to go experiment.


@Suomynona I NOW (not before, just very recently) am inclined to believe this, and I thank @Pro_Vapes for proving it to me with his utterly delicious Choco Milk, that I should NOT be able to vape with CAP VC @6%, but I can. Not sure exactly HOW that is possible, but it goes to your point, exactly, and totally.


I’ll definitely give that a shot. I’ve got a few different strawberry flavors and so far I haven’t found a combination/percentage that’s anywhere near some of the commercial juices I’ve had and liked. I think I ended up ordering every flavor Wizard Labs had in stock with strawberry in the name last weekend to try and make some progress. I can definitely taste the strawberry in more complex recipes, but not being able to nail it as a standalone flavor profile has been driving me crazy.


Just for the sake of nostalgia, here’s ELR’s 1st posted mix with this combo…

_ by sash, Jul 13. 2013_

Dragons Blood

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2.00
Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA) 2.00
Dragonfruit (TPA) 5.00
Strawberry, Ripe (TPA) 10.00
Sweet Cream (TPA) 5.00
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 3.00

Flavor total: 27%

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It’s actually not a bad looking recipe!


Thats a whole lot of EM and a huge dab of butyric acid lmao oh how mixing has evolved!


Maybe I should’ve just said… Nice Flavor Profile… Those %s were the norm back then, but very seldom seen today.


Indeed i remember mixing CAP sweet strawberry at 12%, yuck

Was around the same era 2013ish


I bought one of these days to try TPA DK Tobacco, a concentration of five drops per 10 ml (I add in drops, since I am a noob). After two days of impatience, I tried and reminded me very much of the Glazed Donuts by Loaded (which I used for a long time).
Which flavor can blend well with TPA DK Tobacco?


There are some recommendations in the notes section. I like to smell a new concentrate about 6 inches from the bottle and just let my mind run with what might go well with it.

I have to say, also, that being a noob does not mean you have to mix by drops! If you have the ability to purchase a scale, I would do that as soon as you can. You’ll still use drops, but measure by grams on the scale. Cheers!


Could you give a starting point for concentrations?


0.25% Ace (Pazzo) (FA)
0.25% Lychee (TPA)

Taste - Gin Alcohol - Juniper Berries @ 0.50% total flavor total. Yes less than 1% total.

To me it does, unless you’ve been bitten by Lychee and can’t get it out of your mind.


Wish I got a hint out of the original poster of the combination, what do you guys think.
1% Fuji fa and 2% ny cheesecake fa?


@SuperFrog, i would do 2% to 2.5% Fuji Apple and ~3% NYCC – go up from there to your preference. i’m mixing with lower % flavors in the past few months (than what i did before :)). you can also add any side notes you like on top of these 2 for some twists (examples: whipped cream, graham cracker, …etc)


another accident :slight_smile:
FA Forest Mix (or is it called Forest Fruits?) 6% and FA Dragon Fruit (2%) - an “interestingly complex” flavor. (Edit: vaping this now :cloud::cloud::cloud:)


Grand, thanks so much. I wanted to mix it tonight you are just in time :unicorn:
Will do a simple Fuji and cheesecake as you describe first, let it rest 2 weeks and, if it works for me, I will do the apple fritter cds + cinamon + dragonfruit trick. Might add .7 of Catalan cream on a further batch for the burnt caramel.
Will also try the taro + honey described earlier, sounds like a good idea.