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What do you call it?


is that perhaps because you’re trying to fit 30ml into a 1oz bottle?
I used to have that prob when I got US bottles…


No… It’s because I don’t pay attention. :joy:


so what happens when you don’t pay attention with syringes? :crazy_face:


Since I constantly over shoot my %s I now lower % in my recipes by 3/10ths of a % that’s what I on the average seem to over shoot by I give up trying to nail it right on can’t do it especially with the PG


You gotta let me hit that Vape!


Hmm… Good question. Maybe stab myself? That’d make me pay more attention huh?


A straight shot of e-liquid, sounds like something (the real) steve-o would do


On the very rare occasions I say it in English, I use the word Puff.


Nothing new about this, my English teacher told me about how non-native English speaker often communicated better with each other in English, than they do with a native English speaker, more than 20 years ago.


I’m a native speaker of English. I call it a vape. Don’t pick on me :grin:


A puff is what that awful machine at the eye doctor does. ‘OK, you’re going to feel a little puff of air’. Little my butt, that puff hurts. :yum:


I say hit or drag…mostly hit because, well i used to smoke LOTS of pot…


I call the devices my vapes but i use most of these terms for the action of vaping. I like to keep my full range of expression available as it depends on who i am with or talking to about it.


LOL, I just had that done yesterday… My head jerked back each time…