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What do you really hate?


I hate when somebody is driving the speed limit in the HOV lane on the freeway, when everybody else is driving 10-20 miles an hour above the speed limit.


I hate when people drive 20 miles over the speedlimit on every lane of the highway, it’s damn scary >.>


Oh nevermind lol edited post cause I went on a rant! I hate that lol and I couldn’t delete it! I hate that too :joy:


When i have to change a recipe from public to private because it sucks so bad after a month of steep time :confused:


You wanna know what I really hate? I have long taint hair that knots up when I walk and pulls itself out with every stride, it makes for an uncomfortable stroll.


@Joel5’s gross trolly posts…


The Troel in our Joel strikes again! :laughing:


Somebody needs an appointment with a waxing salon. Or some laser hair removal…


“Some of the labels started slipping off like prom dresses.”

Ahhhhhh, ha ha ha!!! I have missed you so much!!! :heart:


I really hate when people send me lame unresearched articles about why vaping is worse than smoking.

Also, people who believe everything on facebook, the interwebs and email forwards. Because they assume if it’s there, it has to be true!


Wait! … what!!! Isn’t true? :scream:

Sheeple :roll_eyes:… can’t live with them… can’t hunt’em for sport! :smirk:


I think that with certain people it is embedded from a time when the news was only on twice a day, it was a bit less biased and there was more truth in journalism. To them, the internet is just like getting that old local paper and what they read was mostly factual.


Ain’t it the sad truth!


Yup! Much of innerwebs is the “short attention span” newspaper for the masses. :clown_face:



I just did this…I hate when I accidentally give my own posts a thumbs up or smile or laugh because I clicked to see who it is from!


Just keep up with the flow of traffic and you will be ok.


AHHH! Lychee should not be mixed at 15%!!! cries it tastes so bad. … . and the smell won’t go away. . .

Edit: Dunno how I ended up emoting my own post, whatever.


When money’s tight, your old mod is going on 2 1/2 years old, and you ordered a new mod “on sale” @ $19.99 and a few days after delivery, it’s even CHEAPER than when you ordered it “on sale”.
AAAaaaahhhh! :sob:

@fidalgo_vapes - the KBOX120 at 8vape is now $14.99…


i seen that one lmao ,


Quality control inspector QC09 putting a sticker inside my new underwear so that if I don’t see it, it winds up stuck to my sack. Thanks a lot.