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What do you really hate?


Pic or it didn’t happen :joy::joy::joy:


I hate it when that happens…


No, don’t encourage that!!


Check your inbox. :grinning:


Much smaller than I imagined.

The sticker, obvs :laughing:


So what you are saying is that it happens that stickers get stuck on your sack once in a while…


Well I don’t actually have sack… I was trying to be funny and now you ruined my joke. Geez. Thanks a lot.


You kinda got me worried for a while there with the sack thing. But i also thought that i shouldn’t be judgemental about sex change and stuff like that :laughing:


While I do appreciate your open attitude, I assure you I’ve always been sack-free. :wink:


Oh for Gods Sack.


NO. NOPE. UH-UH. Do NOT need that picture etched onto my soul!


Lol. Sack /fun bags. Stickers happen. :man_facepalming:




My wife uses the smoke detector as a cooking timer so I can’t bag mine up


fucking funny


Not even gonna touch that one: :laughing:


What, my sack? I told y’all I don’t have one!!


I do that to get more awards


I hate mixing up a nice 30 mil bottle of what could have been a killer mix then knocking it over and spilling most of it on the fucking floor like I just did !


Sheeple …