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What do you really hate?


I really hate getting up at 7:30 to get to work by 8:00. I mean that 10min drive to work is horrible, you wouldn’t believe all the traffic I have to deal with!


Same as me except out the door at 4:10 for a 20 minute walk to the bus stop and then the long bus ride.


I was just kidding, read the three posts before that then mine lol


I’ll trade you

Your traffic for my two years old kicking me out of the house in the morning

Brings my clothes mommy gets for me the socks and shoe the opens door and says bye… so her and mommy can go back to sleep


So it’s just me that gets up at silly O’clock :cry:


No. I get up at silly Oclock but what I posted was just today.
I hated using the bus, and transfers, and having to be up 4 hours earlier than my shift, at least…
That is rough.


I hate how many times I see these older cars driving around with the paper dealer plates. You know most have never registered the vehicle to get license plates. They don’t pay any fees, and if they go across bridges with fast track paying, they don’t pay the toll or get sent a bill for it.


Jury Duty. I just got selected for a trial at 4pm on a Friday.
See ya on Monday for juror selection for a trial that’ll last about 2 weeks… :scream:


When I’m so bored I could just scream. Nothing to do Nothing to see and I’m going stir crazy


Ditto!!! Still too damn cold to go out and really enjoy it. None of my juices are low enough to make another batch. All my atties are performing good. All in all things are great! And I am bored! lol… crazy.


Aint it a bitch to deal with First World problems? :stuck_out_tongue:

j/k been there…

There are good things about getting old… Actually, there are many things good in my life as I age. Kids all grown and doing well, grandchildren, no more menses, no birth control worries, easier finances… But, there is just one really icky thing that bothers me on a daily basis; Pain . Not sleeping well, dealing with heartburn more often, wrinkles, and gaining weight, are all nuisances, but the new Pains… Yeah, PAIN is my Nemesis. Don’t care for it at all.


Yup. And the damn tests. Went in for a physical first of the week. Came home with a fist full of crap to read to prep for health care professionals to torture me. Don’t eat for a week. Drink this crap that will make you have diarrhea for three days. Come on over and we’ll shove a tube up your ass! Oh yea!!!


I think you mixed up your doctor’s instructions with a personal letter I sent you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now that is funny. I could see that.


I hate getting up @ 0500.


I hate when I THOUGHT it would be a good idea to break down a 500ml big NIC container into smaller 60ml amber glass bottles while asleep on my feet. What could go wrong, right ??

Ummmm …

I had just pulled the BIG shipping container out of the freezer, and broke out my trusty funnel and started filling smaller glass bottles. Apparently while sleep filling, I overfilled the bottles (not leaving enough of an air gap), and after capping them all tightly was greeted with a POP, … then another POP, and so on. WTF !!! ??? A few of the tops literally POPPED off. Crap, forgot to leave enough air gap. Start shuffling the bottles around to replace the popped tops, and chink chink, managed to crash one bottle WITHOUT a popped top into another bottle, and one shattered. Nothing like cleaning up some 100mg NIC with broken glass, while you’re asleep on your feet.

Good thing I had gloves on LOL. NEVER break down NIC tired.

That is all.

Why is my 100mg/ml nic brown? is this normal?

Me to , so i get up at 6:00 AM :+1:


Sound advice!

Sorry for your loss.
Hopefully cleanup was “beyond thorough”… :wink:


I hate that when I get home from work I’m to tired to mix… been thinking about making smurf balls…

But 2 more days and this will be done

And then I can order some me new vape toys…


A. Where do you find a knife that small?
B. Fried or baked?