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What do you really hate?


I hate turning up for a Sunday night shift to find half of the previous shifts work wasn’t done. To be told we’ve left you a shit storm, laugh and walk out the door. I shouldn’t be suprised in this new world very few people worry about the next bloke.:angry:
Me, me, me and I and some more me again.
But, I said to myself there are still great people out there you just have to search a bit harder to find them!


That reminds me of when I worked bakery @ swans making pizza… come in got told we’ve left you a mess nothing been running right all day throwing 90% of the dough away.

Dough was coming out off on conveyor all messed up. Took me 20 minutes to find and fix the problem… sad part is the Russel got credit for fixing the problem as he told supervisors how he (actually me) fixed the problem. As a temp I really wasn’t supposed to clean dry dough balls off the machine. I shouldn’t have told him what I was going to do to fix the problem… but guess it fair somewhat that he got credit since if a sup walked into the room I was in while I was fixing the problem it been his ass not mine…

But it was nice to see morning shift and say “ sorry you don’t get today off , we fixed the problem as soon as you left yesterday… see ya tomorrow night cause we do have the day off”


Hate having to wait 4 more working days before I get my birthday vacation going.


Bet he drives a window-less van.




I know I’m highly unlikely to remember, so I’ll just wish you a VERY Happy Birthday here and now good sir!

Pleased you’ve made it through another year!
I wish you many more to come! :tada:


Thanks brother! Highly appreciate the sentiment.


I hate tearing up a tile floor to laminate flooring… specially when 95% of the tile has 98-100 coverage… and mortar is in level as hell.


Apparently yelling out of your car and calling another driver an A** Reaper is frowned upon. I shall have to learn to keep my windows up.

Don’t ask me why, it just rolled off my tongue.


I like it. Will have to add it to my catalogue of colorful insults.


I only have 1 mod right now, voopoo drag, but it’s time to buy a new one anyway.


Please Ms! Next time be more Gentile and Ladylike. Perhaps “Bun Burglar” would be more befitting Polite (Traffic) Society :kissing_heart:

At least when the school calls and claims your little Johnny called Heather an “Ass Reaper”, it would be easier to explain Bun Burglar as someone broke into your house recently and stole some bread and you yelled “Bun Burglar!” :grin:


That’s the thing! I am always polite, and instead of curse words, I say ‘padiddles’ or ‘frickers’ or the occasional ‘skittles’. But when people try to smash my car up, I can’t even contain my mouth region. It gets this mind of its own. Like that hand movie… with the hand all possessed.


when my $ goe$ out on my keyboard, like $hit, $ex, etc,
$o I hate all RDA’$ that have a top that i$ not knurled or $ome notche$ or
$omething that you can grab onto to take top off with my
vg oily hand$


I hate when I realize my DIY bottles are not labeled properly.

Easy fix thou

Edit: think I need to order more vg


So I had to pair my headphones with my phone and it was not working so I had to take my glasses off to read the manual on how to pair, finally got it then it took another half an hour to find the glasses that I took off, went to put in my contacts to find them and they were on my head, total … old person moment, I’m not that old though, at least in my mind. :zombie:


I really hate getting up at 7am


I really, really hate getting up at 5:45 am…


I hate getting up at 4:30am to leave at 5:45am then having to call home at around 7:30am to be sure that the kid gets to the bus stop by 8. Cause they both (husband and kid) would sleep right through all that If I dont bitch them outta bed, while I am friggin trying to work…


I really really really hate getting up at 3am to leave by 4:30 to get to work by 5:45…but I get to go back to bed at 7😝 @tartarusspawn @Molly_Mcghee @Bugalien