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What do you really hate?


Good safety tip. VapeyMama don’t vape around Bleu. The cat reminds me of Pig Pen. There’s this cloud where ever he goes. Not a vapor could either.


Add a little wild bird dander, cuts the harshness of straight cat hair imo


That is hilarious. It truly fits in this forum. Should I make it VG bird dander or PG bird dander, that is the question!


Depends on what you have access to PG (pelican) is the obvious choice, but really thins out the mix to almost a water consistency. VG (vulture), which is harder to get, thickens it nicely, but adds a slightly peculiar taste.
hehe … too much?


See … that is the type of things that happen when you leave my twisted mind and sense of humor alone and unsupervised :laughing:


Pretty good material in my books. You should do the vaping circuit!


Don’t you just hate when you remember your anniversary and say honey, it’s been a lot of years today, but you didn’t actually remember it because you got the date wrong… by 13 days. I’m in so much trouble…


I haven’t remembered my anniversary for the last 5 years. And yes I’ve been in trouble for the last 5 years


I have no trouble remembering anniversaries. I just forget which one goes with which wife.


You could always blame it on the UFO’s!



That is all.


Sam Harris has been annoying me lately


Who’s turn was it to supervise him??? Lol! :joy:


I concur! Raisins.




They are the devils bogies…(boogers if you’re over the water)


What if we’re across the pond?




:stuck_out_tongue: I thought I was being clever because I’m used to hearing “across the pond” from brits – don’t talk to other Europeans much to be fair so it it’s just that “across the water” is a different lingo meh – whatever, I don’t know what words are. XD