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What do you really hate?


So the story I read online about the St. Louis woman who honed her teeth with an emery board for days then bit off her cheating husbands penis and balls never happened? True or not, it’s a wiener of a story!





OK, I love da bacon. First thing in the morning I need mah bacon. When I go to OPEN the bacon, it NEVER “peel apart here” works !!! @VapeyMama


I feel ya, man.


Two words: Deli bacon. Thicker cut and the paper wrapper is MILES easier to deal with when getting your grease fix on!


TFV8 RBA – just. … fuck that thing.

Cost me more than Two RBAs and another RTA together (seriously, 28 USD vs. 29 in glass plus the RBA, and that’s not counting the Big Baby Beast the damn RBA goes into). And all I’ve gotten out of it so far are shorts and a small fire.


Try this one :wink:
You’ll thank me later. :ok_hand:


You may be literally sack free, but you do have balls!!!


Oh, I totally agree, real or not!


That’s an interesting looking deck. I was thinking about either the Azeroth RTA or the Reload(Both would have to be clones as I’m broke as a joke) Just out of curiosity, have you tried the Azeroth?


I hate when I get a package in the mail addressed to me and open it up and it’s just a bunch of birthday cards my wife bought using my Amazon Prime account.


No I haven’t tried the Azeroth, haven’t really looked at it to tell you the truth, but the Reload is really easy to build on.
You could do a large single coil or dual smaller coils. I’ve done the latter. The flavour is really nice on it, actually surprised myself, and the build quality on the clone is quite good. The knightbridge clone that is.
Great little rta. :ok_hand:


I know that Steampugs had a good time with the Azeroth RTA…

Hey, @Steampugs! Got any leanings between the Azeroth and the Reload? I’d be curious to hear your two cents, if you’ve any to spare on the matter. :crossed_fingers:


Vaping cat hair. I’m vaping cat hair. He’s a Norwegian forest cat. Sheds like crazy. Loves being on my lap. All 25 pounds of him. Yes, he is a wonderful buddy, but I really do not like vaping cat hair.


But it adds so much flavor!!! He knows you love it!


Shopping when the store is obviously confused…


Flavor is not what comes to mind. Wicking through my teeth maybe, but not flavor.


But good wicking is key to good flavor!!


That would be the death of me. I’m so allergic to cats I’m pretty sure that would literally kill me.