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What do you really hate?


My mistake.


You told me you love the way I smell anyway.


I hate being told to get on the Murder Death Kill Machine, lest my vaping budget be cut by the wife !!! Yes, boys and girls, for every pound I loose, I get to buy 2 more flavors !!!

I can’t figure out how to get the damned thing off of Kill Me level 5 …


Upside is you could lose the same pound multiple times :grinning:


Hehe @woftam I knew I liked you for a reason hehe. Sadly, I already tried THAT trick, and it only worked ONCE. Now she’s onto me, so I gotta find another scheme. Currently I’m attempting to finish my hack of the bluetooth scale, so I can input the CORRECT weight. :open_mouth: You know, they just DON’T secure bluetooth connections like they used to, hehe.


Put a few weights in your pocket for next weigh in - then you can lose them over time lol.


ROAR ROAR. She IS aware of the “pocket rocks” trick too. She’s a sneaky one.


Crafty Lmao. Not gonna be an easy road for you buddy.


Yeah, she’s a crafty one. If the bluetooth hack doesn’t work, I’m formulating another plan, but it requires taking the power grid down for a few minutes. Just spitballing hehe.


Gods Honest Truth. Getting Concentrates in 30 ml GLASS bottles, ie; (RF) (SC)'s and putting on the a Yorker Cap ( bought from different vendor) and then lightly squeezing the “glass” bottle to try to get a couple of drops out to weight grams. I’m glad nobody is ever around when I mix.


I hate installing laminate flooring that’s been exposed to the weather…

If I didn’t need the money , I would say bump this

But then again I do have a soft heart and she really can’t afford to buy 2,000 sq ft of flooring again after paying twice to have it installed…

Install a run look at it , take it out and throw it away… is how my day today has gone.


To cover this story, you must also figure out a way to drastically increase your cardio output.

Pity it tracks your heart rate or you could attach the device to a power tool and that would get you of

and boy would you be burning those calories from those weights in your pockets. :rofl:


i really hate when people touch my stuff , today i went to get one of my composition books and all of them are GONE … while my GF was spring cleaning she got rid of a bunch of stuff and thinks she might have thrown away or donated them with the other stuff :frowning: , over 300 flavors with my notes that i never stored on computer bc im lazy and figure if i have it written why do the work twice … this could be posted in the what dumb things have i done as well Now im going to go yell some more


I hate Capcom messing up my beloved character faces. What the heck happened to Claire and Leon??? This is gonna bother me all day. :expressionless:



Hate when I stop into the store to get a gatorade (because it’s 108F) and come back and the car won’t start. Had to call road service and they said the battery is fine but the fuel filter may be clogged or the fuel pump may be out. Towed it back home because it’s too late in the day to have it checked out. Went out to get the personal items from the car before dropping it off tomorrow and the stupid thing started right up! Arrgh!!! I hate cars!!!


Sounds like my Dodge Ram… she has a mind of her own.

Sometimes she’s in the mood and will start right up.
Other times she’s not in the mood and won’t start for a few hrs or a few months…


Sounds like the fuel filter, may be a simple fix.


In “the old days” I’d start by checking for a ‘heat-soaked’ solenoid, or perhaps the coil on the starter… These days though, gooooood luck!

You could also have a starter going bad…

In any case, good luck with it brother! Hopefully it’s a cheap and simple fix!


Ha, on my car, if I park it, and start it up again in under 10 minutes, it idles at like 50% of normal idle. When I put it in gear, the idle drops another 50%, so I’m now idling at 25% of normal, and if I don’t keep my foot on the accelerator, it’ll just turn off. Once I get it going, I’ll gun it for a second or two, and it’s “normal” again.