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What do you really hate?


I’m thinking it may be that too. I’m hoping anyway.

Me too! Unfortunately whatever it is, is gonna cost me at least the equivalent of a DNA250C and maybe a good squonker. I equate all expenses in vapenomics :rofl:

Definately weird behavior!


I used to have a 79 Ford LTD 2, it would drive for 20-30 minutes just fine and then it would just die, and would not start back up for 3-4 hours lol. It had the 5.0 V8 engine in it and I knew a guy at the time that was a master of that engine, he had several mustangs that would pop wheelies, and he spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out and never could. I hated that car at the time, but looking back on it, at least it made every trip somewhere an adventure lol


Having, somewhat of an odd issue lately. I’m getting pretty sensitive to the taste of Cyclotene, like it’s getting really astringent and vile tasting to me. It’s in RY4 Double, FA Soho, flavors I used to really enjoy. Anything that contains it seems be a huge no-go for me lately. Kind of a pain in the butt.


That sucks! Any changes in your diet/medication/drink? I know when I have coffee, anything with strawberry flavoring tastes really off.


Nope same old same old. It’s been slowly happening over like the last 6 months. I’ve had to ask companies, hey does this have it in there for a certain flavor, as I can taste the tiniest amount now.


Having that too lately but with creams. No matter what kind of cream it is, it taste like someone emptied their stomach into my mouth lol. I know…don’t picture it!

So for the next two weeks I’ll be vaping only fruits, teas, beverages in general or coffees etc. Maybe even some lighter bakeries since I normally don’t vape that. It’s frustrating because let’s face it, every recipe you could think off, needs at least one cream to fuse flavors.

Anyways, maybe if you switch yours for a little, unless you’ve tried that already, might do the trick. Hope you find something else too enjoy!


Are you using V1 or V2 versions of the creams? I know a lot of companies ditched the DA/AP and went with butyric acid to get that “buttery” flavor. The problem, tho. is that some people are fairly sensitive to the flavor of BTA which can resemble vomit.

Still sucks that you’re going through that.


V1 if applicable and normally no issue. I just think I might have overdone it a little in the last days, since I tested some new flavors and combinations for a couple of friends lol. Would suck if it’s a permanent result tho, because creams and custard i enjoy the most. We will see how it goes.


Speaking of that… Recently did flooring in a bedroom and used vinyl plank instead of laminate. Super easy to work with, easy as heck to cut and install, and laid down great. Waterproof too. I’ve done a lot of laminate and found that I really love this vinyl stuff now instead.


As long as it is not the soft backed stuff that kinks after a year, I am with you there.
The hard stuff wears out better than cheap tiles and looks as good as mid range laminate.
Much easier to clean.


It is vinyl plank, looks and lays like laminate. So far, six months in, it is holding up fine. Now I get to worry though, thanks!


Should be fine, the cheap and nasty stuff is felt lined, and very thin. Does not age well.
With hard backing, thickness of vinyl does not matter much.


I very 1" x3" has clr coating
East to remove no sticky residue. label can be submerge. Amazon 12$ like 180lab




When Microslop does an update. This time it trashed my e-licensing and none of my mixing or mastering software would initialize. Got it fixed but what a pain in the ass!!! Every update it trashes something.


…but at least the Kids are safe :smirk:


They were but now that I’m thinking about it, I’m getting hungry. Iny Meany Miny Moo…


Which I believe is something they call their ‘business model’.


I think you are on to something. I can’t wait to try to start Adobe products and see what went south with them. I haven’t tried my network yet. Updates consistently turn off my network both at home and at work. “We are making you safe” No fool you are shutting down my business!!!


One word…