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What do you really hate?


Hopefully you can get them to do the needful.




Order a thing from HK - finally get’s to Dallas — been sitting there for 6 days. >.> WHY!? Gimme me mod!


Hey you. Long time no post. Welcome back.


And here I was thinking that the Richmond, CA Customs/Post Office warehouse was the only seventh layer of postal Limbo this side of the Mississippi…


July 7-19 - Can’t see it anymore but from HK to Switzerland to NY, USA.
July 19 - Departed USPS regional, Queens NY
July 21 - Arrived Dallas TX distro
July 27 2AM - left Dallas Distro
July 27 6AM - Arrived Dallas distro
(Update: 11AM - Arrived at Dallas Facility – Are they just taking the piss now?_

NOOO!!! I’m never getting this mod. . .

While I’m here - I also hate goldbugs, because I compulsively spend an hour explaining what the gold standard is to them, only for them to then say “But gold is the only currency with inherent value and it isn’t debt-based.” and I just. . .it’s the waste of my time that gets to me the most really. But it’s so hard to resist because the actual systems behind currencies are so interesting (to me). And, obviously, I just finished one of these conversations.

On the flip side - looking for silver linings and all - gold bugs are (just about) the only people who have actually listened to me explain money XD.


“DALLAS TX DISTRIBUTION CENTER on July 28, 2018 at 12:13 am.”

Reality is broken.


This website might help alleviate some of the frustration-


I blocked the email updates this morning when I got another [Arrived at facility] [Arrived at Distro] pair. I think it’s just going to go back and forth between the two for eternity.


I have a similar story where i am. Ant (edit Any)longer than a day & i ring the freight co. Parcel normally arrives the day after the call.
It very frustrating :triumph:


When you make a juice, expecting a certain flavor to bounce off your buds and get something altogether completely foreign.

Example: Decided to try my hand at cloning TBD Liquids’ Pineapple Peach Smoothie(AKA Spongebob) Was expecting notes of pineapple, peach and sour, but instead got grilled zucchini.


Sounds like unconscious competence. I love zucchini!


I love a good grilled slab o’zucch as much as anyone else! Don’t mean I wanna vape it…


Could go well with Pizza (TPA)


I use their app at people who annoy me at work


customer service phone tech’s with a chip on their shoulder. Was on the phone with Xfinity the other day. I’m considering changing over to them. The person I was speaking with had a very soft voice, granted there was an accent but that WASN’T the issue, I could understand every word I could hear from her, I am getting a little hard of hearing probably all that loud music but back to the issue. I asked her to speak up, I tried to use the speaker phone on my phone but it was still no better. I told her I would need to speak to someone that was a bit louder and she ripped into me for being prejudiced. I told her she was dead on right I was prejudiced against anyone that was younger than me and didn’t have to deal with all the aches and pains of growing old losing some of my sight and hearing sucked but I was doing my best. I demanded her supervisor and told her that I prayed to god this is one of the calls they record for training purposes, it would show them the perfect reason to fire assholes like her. The supervisor immediately sided with her. I now await contact from the regional customer service complaint department or some such shit.


If you have other options available, please go with these. Xfinity or Comcast in particular is one of the companies that should be closed and burned down. But hey it’s still your choice, just giving you that suggestion lol.


Correction - ALL of them !
Every single last one I’ve ever dealt with has been a royal pain in the behind.
Including all the phone carriers.


I am still upset with Tony for not putting the evolv chip in the pulse. I would have a half dozen by now if he had. Instead I have none and never will unless that issue is addressed.


His entire purpose with the pulse was to make an affordable squonk mod made with decent quality material, a dna board would easily double the price if not more, but other companies make dna squonk mods, rebel makes a squonk mod with the dna 250.