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What do you really hate?


I believe your upset with the wrong people but I dont criticize, believe what you want


Might want to have another glance my friend. :wink:
Evolv /= Gene.

(Analog had a totally different objective in mind)


Thks, my apologies @xxanalogxx , I initially missed your point but if they were a lot more affordable, we’d all have 250cs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s all good worm! I am only upset because I really like it!


Sorry but I can’t help laughing because on the other side of the coin I once did credit card application and activation . Had on customer every other word was profanity . Politely asked her 3 times to watch her language. Then terminated the call. And notified my supervisor…

now here’s the funny part 2 hrs later I got this same customer asking to speak to a supervisor because someone hung up on her… I politely told her I was the one that hung up on her and I would be more than happy to get my supervisor but if she doesn’t watch her language he will hang up on her just like I did . And as you know we have a 2hr wait on calls and we close in 30 minutes . But if you want I can process your application if you watch your language. Her response

I’d like to apply for a credit card

She bought every up sell I offered. Me and supervisor laughed about it later .

Edit : technically I was supposed to let the supervisor terminate the call. But as backed up as the calls were . Supervisor and management were processing applications .


Oh I understand the other side of the coil I was a customer service analyst for the IT Dept for a large Hospital Corp in Ca. I’ve heard it all. My favorite was to ask three or four time to watch their language and the tell them once to watch it. And then as a last resort ask if they noticed the faint beep in the background, that’s the indicator that this is being recorded and a transcript will be submitted to their direct supervisor, department, head, chief of nursing and the house manager. This was usually met with an apology and a plea to not report them. After considerable begging and barginning I’d handle their problem and wish then a good day and ask then to remember we are people too.


I really hate when people judge me based on the country I live in. I know it’s cool to hate Israel but come on, stop generalising …


Lol. I’ll have to try that some day. I can speak to the hospital part since I work for a large hospital but not doing IT.

Sadly our conversations aren’t recorded, but I’m lucky I guess because I’ve had people call back to apologize. Probably due to our company culture surrounding how we treat others.


I was a debt collector for a while a long time ago. Talk about verbal abuse. Used to get a big laugh out of some of the things people would say to a fellow who was only trying to make a living by trying to collect a debt that they incurred and walked away from, treating me like they were the victim.


One in 1000 of our were but they didn’t know that. I forgot to mention that you’d know the next 20 or so times they called they listened so hard of that beep indicator was our little way of getting even. It didn’t exist our intro said it might be recorded by continuing you agree to that so there was no indicator. But so much fun knowing they were trying to hear it. lmao


I have no problem with the guy just trying to collect a debt I do have problems with the ones that threaten and talk abusively to the client. Had a friend that listened to some guy rant and rave for 5 or so minutes then asked for all this guys info company info and so on as he worked for the DA office and was going to open an investigation into them… the phone went dead.

Oh yeah the guy was actually looking for my friends deadbeat brother in law.


I was the ‘nice guy’, there were definitely more vinegar types than honey. But then, when you talk to 100 people that abuse you and despise you every day, I guess you can get jaded pretty quick. And I was one of the lower % recovery ones. So, I guess being mean must have worked for them.


@adary I don’t hate Israel. I don’t even know anyone who does. Who’s hating ??


No people on this forum fortunately :slight_smile:


Fear is the third most powerful emotion preceded only by lust and parental love IMHO. So fear tends to work best because they can threaten the other two.


I learned a long time ago I don’t hate a race, religion, or by country of origin or residence. There are assholes in every one I listed and if I am going to hate it will be person who deserves it by their interactions with me. And nothing to do with anything else about them.


@adary clued me into what was going on, and we chatted a bit. Apparently even trying to order VAPING equipment is fraught with strife, depending on WHERE you are attempting to buy it from, and shipping it TO.

Tisk tisk to them. Keep walking the high road adary.



To shed a bit more light, my toes. I swear they were placed at the end of my feet by the Almighty himself as a special little F.U. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve broken or dislocated them-You’d think with a track record such as mine that I would pay special attention to where my feet go-Right?


Got another pair buddy-taped and ready to roll out the door. Should make battling the crowds at the grocery store extra special fun-JOY!!! If anyone has a DIY amputation kit they’d like to sell, I’m open to suggestions!

Does anyone lose their voice more than once a year who vapes?

You’re from Israel? Man, I hate you!
Just joking. I love everyone…on paper anyway. :laughing:


Ouch! Broke my little toe once and the pain lasted weeks. Crooked as all hell now.