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What do you really hate?


I’ve busted 7 out of 10, and some of those multiple times. It sucks. There’s bugger-all you can do for them, save keep off of them and/or buddy-tape them to their neighbor and pray you don’t kick/drop/slam anything else into your foot for the next couple of months!


Composite toe boots work wonders.


I half-jokingly told my missus that I was going to buy some steel-toed slippers for when I’m toodling about the house, as that seems to be when I do my worst. Being duck-footed, you’d think that I’d be aware of where my feet are by now…



Mine was the bed frame, but the picture still applies! Also, my toe is the loveliest shade of purple :nauseated_face:


At the gas pump

Is this a debit card?
Would you like to buy a lotto ticket today?
Would you like a car wash today?
Would you like a receipt?



Are you a rewards member?
Would you like an additive?
Oh and by the way here is a tv you can watch commercials on.


And don’t forget… “Is this a debit card? No? Then enter your five digit zip code, even though you’ve been coming here for 20 years and you live two miles away.”


we still have a issue
please respond to my message


Grocery stores without self check out!

I spend around 1 hour today in a store, picking up a couple items for dinner. Going through the aisles took around 15 minutes, the rest of that time I stood behind one person, not a whole line of people, nope one person that nearly made me lose my sh…

Her total was $76.45 and then she started with this sentence “let’s put $20 on this card…$15 on this one…declined…oh well maybe this one then. Here’s cash for the remaining balance but $2.25 need to be charged to this card”

I’ve never seen a person whipping out 15 different credit cards and most were declined. Now I’m not making fun of her by all means, do what you need to do, but for the love of whatever, look at your balances before trying to make purchases and holding up a whole line of people at a store.

I hate stores but omg this was just too much today lol.


When I procrastinate, only to discover that what I REALLY need to accomplish isn’t going to get done because of items missing or broken.

Case in point: I put off making juice this week, thinking that I’d get it done today. Cleaned my workbench, got all of the flavors out, plugged in my scale and…fluctuating weight when there’s nothing on the platform. I’ve calibrated it multiple times, swapped batteries, unplugged everything an tried clearing any “memory” the innards might have and no-go. The only thing that I can think of is one of my cats jumped on the scale when it was on the workbench and stupid me didn’t have the cover on. Dammit!!!


Do you have a fan running? On precise scales t is enough to put them off


@paingawd @SuperFrog Breathing is such an inconvenience when mixing :grin:


When the mower deck drive belt breaks halfway through the yard cut. Half short grass, half long. Looks great.

A stick snuck under the wheel, popped up, and got the belt right at the perfect spot. :rage::neutral_face:


Grrrr. It’s been raining so much I had weeks of tall grass TALL grass which at a certain point ain’t gonna dry completely …cut it any way. Had to keep dumping the grass bag and restarting the hand pull self propelled mower …the starting rope broke so I just parked it till I could replace rope …no biggie. Except all that packed up wet grass dried up in the self propelled drive and finishing the last half pushing against the non-working drive about killed me. I would have just stopped again but it was dusk and threatening more rain. well good time for that oil change and deep maintenance obviously …sucks …really hate (hey I’m on topic today :smirk:)


When you reconnect with someone after 20 years and you both realize each is the other’s missing half. Only you’re two states away


I don’t know if that’s totally creepy or an “Awwwww!!” moment!!


Trust me…it’s an awww moment :rofl:


@paingawd @SuperFrog I can vouch for that. My 501 can fluctuate sometimes when the AC turns on.


I hate that. @Phil_Fish

@BoDarc I feel your pain. Lotsa grass, rain, more grass AND sun, same boat here. I setup my tractor with a mulch kit which is actually installed in the deck (and mulching blades), so when it gets TDH (Too Damned High) it’s a real PITA, even with the deck all the way up to 5.5". So I chore through my OWN mess, only to have a neighbor call stating he blew his mower up a MONTH ago, and could I help with HIS grass.

I drove down, took ONE look, went home, had a few drinks, and THOUGHT about it. BEST IDEA EVER. Don’t call early, better to WAIT for over a month, THEN call your friendly neighbor for help, once the mail lady can no longer get to the mailbox !!!

I need another drink …