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What do you really hate?


Unfortunately I do have some experience with that… :confused:


I hate it when they escape…


Yeah, but it sure cleans out the snozberries!


I’m not shocked have to be honest…

sorry for late replay btw…just had to cook a chicken dinner for my mother

cooking chicken pissed…what could possibly go wrong…

I get the house at the end of the day it’s all good…:ok_hand:


I’d be shocked if you were shocked.

I really hate when every time I type “shocked” my phone autocorrects it to “shocker”…


it’s your phone…again with the not being shocked …

you probably type it all the time…requests n shit…:grin:


I’m going to get THIS ^^^^^^ framed, and hang it on the wall !!!


Cracking the screen on your 78" tv!


Am I the only one wondering how @VapeyMama knows that dog sperm is “Not so tasty*”… :astonished:


Hey, I said I was assuming!


That’s a crappy way to end a Sunday! Was a Nintendo product involved?


NO! It was a cheap electronic fly swatter!


Ouch! But I was kind of in the ballpark with the swinging and the swashing. Bit of a moot point I guess, as it doesn’t magically fix your screen.


No I was mad at myself all day yesterday!


Folks that set their clocks 5 minutes fast, in order to fool themselves. Really? :smirk:


Lmao :rofl:


He sucks it out probably


Hate having to learn how to use a laptop. :weary:
I got a windows 10 laptop and it’s all strange to me, I’ve used an iPad for ever and now i have to use this as it’s a present from my daughter’s. HELP!!! :sweat:


Windows 10 is basically like windows 7. Nothing real different. Just don’t let the computer shut off on its own while it’s downloading updates! Mine did and the hard drive got fried, pc wouldn’t recognize the keyboard, blue screen black screen etc…