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What do you really hate?


I knew you would like that @VapeyMama


I love that game


I do as well, just got the latest expansion pack!


Not gonna ask.


Same with dog cum?


Job site porta pottys!


Being In a lift with an apprentice


Hey, I do that! Haha! Im not fooling myself…I’m seeing into the future!


I’m not even sure which portion of abysmally malfunctioning technology is to blame, but what ever it is that caused a music file backed up in May of 2016 to lose everything prior to 2014 and refuse to play 80% of any playlist assembled prior to 2012. Now I have over 2000 songs to reassemble into a dozen playlists and a lot of them were titled Track 1, Track 2, etc.

What ever it is I can’t even say I hate it. I LOATHE IT WITH SOUL RENDING PASSION!


Same just happened to our 42’ Plasma. It was due to a Care Bear being chucked at it. At least there was a sale at Best Buy on 40’ LED.


Damn those care bears!


I feel your pain! I will get it fixed, it’s cheaper than replacing it, unfortunately it’s still retarded expensive!


I bet you are! He’s got about 6 months in and I don’t think he’s going to make it!


I used to do Security for Reggae on the River, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that a couple thousand stoned hippies have got nowhere NEAR the amount of foulness that collects in a construction site Job-Johnny. YEESH!


honestly they arnt half as bad as army ones!


Never had the privilege. Although I have heard horror stories of needing NBC training in order to withstand the stench…


I have seen them litaraly overflowing with poop, like a foot over the seat!


Saw that a few times at Reggae as well. As Security, we were fortunate to be camped at the top of the “Bowl”-basically an outdoor amphitheater. At the top fence line was the line of Job-Johnnies, and every morning at about 0630-0700, the Honey Truck would come by and clean out all of the shitters, with the coup de gras being a hosedown with some 10% bleach solution. As soon as I heard the vacuum pump start, I would hop out of the tent and start the pot of coffee I’d set up the night before. By the time my first cup was done, the first few Johnnies were clean and I had the urge to “drop some kids off at the pool”. A clean duke accomplished, I’d head back to camp to start the day’s grease-fix and maybe indulge in a “salad” or two. Being Security at one of the biggest outdoor Reggae concerts definitely had it’s benefits!


Sounds like you definitely had it figured out! I hope you where upwind of the truck, it definitely sounds like you had fun!


Work lol!!!