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What do you really hate?


F$#% COMCAST XFINITY or whatever they are called dont even get me going on this company and the shit thing is i have no other internet company i can use that works half as well , but their games and billing suck i hate this company with a passion


I’m in the same boat Brother. Got a warning yesterday saying I had exceeded my data usage for the month and that i would be charged for overage. Fucking bullshit is what it is.


You get a limit on data for internet? :astonished:


i get that every month , and im 7 months in to a 2 year contract where im supposed to have UNLIMITED data and NO price changes to bill HA


First time I’ve ever heard of it… I think they’re trying to extort me for another 50 dollars per month/600 dollars per year. It’s like roaming charges on a cell phone if you go over. And they can’t provide evidence that shows I have gone over. Going to sign up with the competitor in town and cancel with comcast, and see if comcast/xfinity will make an attempt to keep my business.


all isp’s are like that. Comcast, charter, time Warner, brighthouse, mediacom… they all are cheaters. they charge over $100 for basic tv and hsi and then cpe rental, service fees, raise the bill every month. I’ve seen cox cable drop channels like nbc bc they said nbc charges too much (but do you think they discount you for dropping the channel?). i once seen mediacom drop nbc and cbs at the same time and mail out rabbit ear antennas to ppl who were going to cancel. then they all want $7 for an hd movie rental for one night? only thing worse is direct tv. over $100 for tv, have to buy all equipment and if you cancel and dont go on the roof to return their little eye from the satellite they charge you $1200! and dont even offer hsi


I’ve never seen data limits on docsis isp’s. that is probably by area. they probably are offering high mbps/gbps packages on an outdated headend and are limiting everyone else that isn’t paying $300/month for hsi only services.


Part of the reason I am so irked by this, other than the extortion is that I was trying to work my budget to make a few new exciting purchases
1: @Skullblade789 because of his glowing review of Whiterose Custom Mods
2: @Pugs1970 Geekvape Ammit RTA


actually the best way to get a discount is to find one of those door to door salesman that will help you out. you have to cancel your services for 3 days and sign back up as a new customer. new customers get the best deals. and those salesmen can give you super good deals, but the more deals they give you the less commission they get, so you have to find one that will hook you up. …and then you have to do the same thing again every time your promotion period ends. i worked for all these companies as an independant contractor wiring up new apartment complexes and high rise condos in multiple cities for 6-7 years. as a contractor, none of these companies ever offered me a discount or even worked with me at all. i knew one of these salesmen while i was in Chicago and was paying $35/month for premium services, but never met a cool one anywhere else. i always hated all these companies and ended up just getting internet from them and bought a smart tv to stream everything. in Atlanta Comcast offers gigabit service for only $350/mo! :-/


on the bright side, they developed a modem that can handle 10gbps over coax. no fiber necessary. if your into altered reality gaming. bad news is, now i bought a farm 40miles from a Wal-Mart and have satellite internet that gets a whopping 3mbps on a good day.


Ain’t no way @Skullblade789 is gonna sell you his Whiterose :wink: :laughing:


Yes I corrected the wording. lol


Oh there was no way in hell that was going to happen. Unless he cut off my arm. No way in HELL.


I really hate no safe words.



Your right. I like it. NVM.


Not paying attention and having a two day supply left of a favorite juice that takes 14 days to steep.:cry:


Receiving an email from company X.

Clicking unsubscribe link at bottom of email.

Filling umpteen questions before being allowed to click unsubscribe.

Receiving an email to confirm that you want to unsubscribe.

Clicking on the link in aforementioned email to confirm.

20 minutes later receiving an email confirmation that you have unsubscribed. :rage:

(yes, it actually happened)


and then getting junk mail from them again a month later


Sounds like it happened in Germany :wink: