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What do you really hate?



I really hate when I try to find true love on a international bride website, and they only want me for citizenship. =(


Don’t we all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When you go to a vape site and you spend longer and longer scrolling down to get to the year of your birth.


Not an issue since i lie about my age online everywhere :laughing:
I just make sure i get it right so i become old enough.


I’m normally at least 163 years old :+1::laughing:


Looking fine for 163!!!


The list doesn’t go into B.C.


Ahhh, thanks treacle :laughing::kissing_heart:


I really hate when I’m cleaning my bottles and I ruin my fingernails trying to peel off all the old labels… :nail_care:


We’ve all been there…


You got spare claws lying around the house somewhere don’t you? :wink:


Well yeah…


Oh I hear ya sista…And it’s always when I’ve just paint…I mean…grrr…never happens…ever…


When I’m cruzin along, getting a good variety of mixes that I really enjoy all made up at 6% nic and my body, brain, throat, being decides, we don’t like 6% any more. Much too harsh. No longer necessary. We like 3% now. Much smoother vape. Plenty of nicotine for the system. Really? Great timing me…


I knew you would understand!!


I work at Lowe’s. We have these labels that are 1" x 2" or 2" x 4" on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. They peel on and off very easy.


I need to go to Lowe’s… Fuck this packing tape!


@VapeyMama ROAR !!!


When I set my mod down because I need both hands to do something and now have forgotten where I put it down because I have literally been in every room of the house and I now I’m making laps around to every room looking for it… Need damn locators on them and my coffee cup too that’s another such item of mine… Uuhhggggg😵