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What do you really hate?


I hate when I go to Costco and impulse buy. Lol. Chocolate lava cake and quiche…I know what I’m eating all next week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, discourse (the forum software) had an update recently, and the plug-in didn’t play well with it sadly. They’ve tried to fix it… But it still has some underlying issues at the moment. =(


I see, thanks for filling me in! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the worst! My sincerest sympathies-If there were a way to email some chicken soup or Grandma’s Hot Toddies(It was her panacea-Flu? Hot Toddy. Headache? Hot Toddy! Won’t shut up? HOT TODDY!!) I would gladly do so-Here’s to hoping you feel better soon!


The flu sucks no matter the time of year! Get better!


Why not send her a can of chicken broth and some Thera flu?


I hate it when I buy an order of my exfavorite budget ejuice from a vendor in california to clone ‘not to name bash’ on the same day I order massive amounts of vape gear from a supplier in Hong Kong and my order from Hong Kong arrives faster to the Oregon coast. Not really hate but definitely not doing business with again. Especially now that I’ve cloned and perfected their recipes to my tastes…lol.


By the time the USPS got the package there she’d probably have the dreaded flu behind her(Let’s hope, anyways!) That does give me a thought tho-I should get all the fixin’s for some Thera-Vape, mix up a 300 ml batch and have it on standby for the winter cold season!


Ok. I’ll send her some broth and she will get it in 2 days since your handwriting is so bad. Thera vape sounds good. Send me a recipe when you get it down or a bottle to sick mixers. Very kind of you to do this


Awe, thank you very much!! We have a local drink similar to a hot toddy called boilo. Made with the cheapest whisky you can get, orange juice, cinnamon, caraway seeds and various other ingredients based on your family’s particular recipe. Whoa, that is some wicked brew! But it clears you right up when you are sick! I am not a fan myself, might do better with a hot toddy! But shhh…if anyone here knows I don’t like it, I may be disowned! Lol! I am so down for some emailed chicken soup though!!


Thank you! This one doesn’t want to give up!!


Excellent idea!!!


Maybe just put a some chicken in a jar with some water, onions and celery. Based on where you live, the weather will handle the slow cooking and when it gets here it will be hot, fresh, homemade chicken broth! Mmmm mmm good! Lol! :joy:


im pretty sure you will have some real nasty smelling fly bait by the time it got there. thera flu does work wonders and so does good ole Campbell’s chicken noodle soup


Yeah, you’re probably right! Lol!!!

I actually have my 2nd round of 10 days of antibiotics because the first round didn’t cut it! :tired_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer: Plus Mucinex and resting. So far I’ve been sick 15 days! On the upside, I think these antibiotics are working. 2 days down and feeling improvement! My fever is going down and my cough isn’t as bad! So I am feeling optimistic that by Monday or Tuesday I will be feeling like myself again. Thanks for the laughs, I needed that!


Longest flu I’ve ever heard of. what happened to the 3 day flu?


I really hate the way narcotic painkillers make me feel on day 4 of recovery after major surgery. So dull and fuzzy. And sad. Like I’ll never be normal again.

But I love that @Cutlass92 is taking such good care of me! He’s such a great nurse. Now if I can convince him to NOT wear the outfit.


But you told me I was pretty!


That is terrifying beyond the capacity for thought.


You are, so so pretty!