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What do you really hate?


so much for my appetite…


Umm… I’m still seeing wisps.


Damn, I need to go get a refund for that wax job!


No shit! Just let @Molly_Mcghee do it next time.


She loves picking at things on me! Really I think she just likes seeing me squirm!


Can’t blame her, it is fun. :wink:


If only you could see the real deal😉


Workin too many hrs. Flav testing has come to a screeching halt. Running out of steeped juice. And moving soon is takin every exta bit of time and I am simply exhausted. :frowning:


I hate when net orders don’t go smoothly >.> I mean ebay is one thing, I should know better than to get on there, but online shops, just dagnabbit man :P.

I ordered a new mod on 29 or 30 July, get the shipping email for 2 day shipping on 31 July, and an email with that tracking saying “We don’t have that mod” Then why did you sell it to me? “we got it in another colour tho, or refund, or wait until Thursday”

So I wait, and they still ain’t shipped the damn thing. I emailed them yesterday and this morning, no response yet (tho it is early morning) – And you know, this could totally just be my shit luck, maybe they’re literally not in on weekends, their system botched the count and let me order something they didn’t have, and then their next shipment is also late. Doesn’t have to be anything to be angry with the company about.

But we all know I’m never shopping there again if this was my first experience with them, right?


I hate that, too!!! I constantly have to remind myself (& @Cutlass92) to not compare all online shopping to Amazon, but why can’t every other online store get their crap together?!?!


CAuse Amazon operates at a loss basically. They can be better than everyone else, capture the entire market, and some day we’re probably gonna really, really, really regret making them the single most powerful retailer in history. Then again, somebody was going to do it with the advent of the net.

And I’ll leave it there, cause politics are death to convivial discussions :stuck_out_tongue:

But you know what’s messed up? I know this and I STILL shop there for everything I can, even dogfood. >.> I mean, if they sold more than just the odd, not got caught yet, vape product, I’d buy that there too. And everything would be as cheap as fasttech with 2 day shipping. Dammit.


I’ve never had a problem with Ebay, but I never buy vape stuff there unless it’s wick or wire. The mods and such are far more expensive there. I usually only buy from a small amount of online shops that I trust. If I’ve never heard of them, I stay away. What outfit was it? Not to bash, but as a warning to think twice before buying.


That looks delicious!


It may be from all the drugs they test on the extremely sick people coming there looking for a cure with the experimental medicine they practice there.


Finally got a response – they still don’t have the product.

Yeap, hating this annoyance :stuck_out_tongue:


lmao I think you are right!


@Steampugs Sign me up !!!


Might be time to write them off and tell them to refund the cash back to your card. If they don’t, shame them on every avenue of social media you have at your disposal. There comes a time when the headache isn’t worth the amount of cash you were trying to save.

Sorry that you’re going through that. Vendors that don’t keep track of their stock are a total PITA. And you KNOW if they’re that inept with something as crucial as inventory control, just think of how secure their site must (NOT) be! If you do request a refund, I’d also suggest you ask them to delete the account you opened.


The thing is, they are there for extremely poor people and people who have weird diseases who have no other options when they are extremely sick. The medical school and hospital have some of the brightest minds on earth working and going to school there. They break new ground in medical research and practice, and they’ve saved more people than anyone can imagine - but there’s always a risk when you have a medical research hospital that close to a big pharmaceutical research area. My dad died in the VA hospital in Ann Arbor. It was a bad blood thinner they gave him that actually killed him.


My condolences, especially considering the circumstances. It is a wonderful facility that I have personally benefited from.