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What do you really hate?


Oh, I know they are great. I had a sinus issue going on and it was one of those super-doc’s there that found the problem. My idiot dentist up here while doing 3 root canals decided to drill through my jaw and into my sinus cavity. The posts of the crowns are sticking out inside of my sinuses. I was in perpetual agony for 3 years before this doctor found it. My niece is one of the directors of the family medicine division and my son works for the school.

They pay a lot of students to allow them to do medical research on them too so… there’s a lot of good but God only knows the long term effect of some of that stuff on people.


One of my best friends and band mate is a prof there. Nuclear Physicist. Very conscientious. Everyone I know or have met so far do their level best. He’s also damn good on keyboards which is what I’m most interested in, lol.


May the Wind be always at your back and the Sun always be on your face :no_mouth::sunglasses::beers:


And yes, the people who get a salary from the school are fully aware of the pitfalls of various areas of research. They aren’t dumb, they pick their battles. U of M is a very good employer.


I hate that we have to have conversations about this …


We don’t mate, we choose to talk about shit like this. It’s easier than freaking – nope, nope, nope. This is the one place I don’t rant about politics, don’t drag me in, it’s too easy :stuck_out_tongue: .




I dunno… those Fleshlites are really asking for it :smirk:


XD That’s brilliant (I woulda just used the laughing emote, but we lost those…sadness)(



God. … Did our movies really used to look like that? And the really surprising thing is that isn’t actually from the 70s, it’s a 90s spoof. (That is a shot of Austin Powers yeah?)

EDIT: You can google search images now, I always forget that.



I did ask for a refund but they were like “But they’ll be here today, you sure?” And I was like…grr…fine, IF they’re here today. And like 5 minutes later “Just opned the box, they’re here, shipping yours now!” so-- yeah, just general “Shit happens” kinda thing. I dunno if I’ll shop there again, maybe, might give them another shot if this shipping is as fast as it’s meant to be now that things are actually happening and I already know that they’re not a “always open” kinda business, I don’t really mind that sort, just it’s a really annoying thing to find out AFTER you order AND your order has issues.

I do know I’m not going to mention their name tho, it’s a fair compromise regardless whether I give them another shop at a later date I think, because I’m also not going to mention them when I get the mod in and do my vape mail photo-shoot (and I usually do, like a good little consumerist >.>:)


But, but, but… the topic is “what do you really hate”?


The start of that chain of thought was that I really hate shipping issues in general. Cause I have to be reasonable and shit :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhhh ok. I was just clarifying for my own understanding, didn’t mean to start a tiff.






That dentist needs striking off!!!


That dentist had to move to Florida for 4 years to clear the fence on a lawsuit. He’s back now.


Shocking! You poor love!


Karma will take care of him.