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What do you really hate?


You know what I hate? When you cut jalapenos to make chili for dinner and after 20 minutes of washing you think you are pretty safe, and then you go to take leak or clear some gunk out of your eye only to find out nope, didn’t scrub enough.


I do believe I stated once before that I’m a dumbass, no? If not…Just call me Donkeh!


Many years ago a friend of mine grew some jalapenos that were extremely hot. After touching one, I rubbed my eye, it watered for half a day. :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::joy:


Sounds like a horror story.


When anyone who knows I vape sees an article about how bad it is for you on Facebook. Then feels the need to repost it and tag me, or PM it to me!! Really people?!? Research what smoking for 17 years did to me instead, if you are concerned. Or, research if the article is true and who funded the testing for it!!


Ignorant, mindless drones like to focus on the vape-war propaganda and just fuckin run with it wrecklessly like a kid running barefoot through broken glass carrying a hornet’s nest. Idiots like that boil my blood and I can’t even begin to try to help them understand how misinformed they actually r…I stopped responding with “well, how about cigarettes? Those seems kinda bad…” they ALL respond the same way, “none of it is actually good for u…” To which, I (annoyed now) usually reply, “nope you’re right, everything u read was completely true and definitely not propoganda geared around trying to snuff out the vape industry…why would big tobacco want to do that? Vaping is horrible (hissing deep lung inhale) I should quit.” They normally scowl and say something ignorant like, “I’m only concerned and want u to kno” Yep, as an avid vaper I’ve never once read a single word of vape related literature :roll_eyes:…Usually at that point I’m so beyond fucking annoyed and end the conversation with, “you’re right, I guess I have A LOT to think over now…hey, how much aspartame would u estimate u chug down that gullet in a years time? No reason, just curious…heard it kills brain cells, at least it seems like it does.” Glad u brought that up @Jenny1978, those people remind me there’s more than one excellent use for a ball-gag :ok_hand:t2:


My response just became. Health??? I’m in it for the money


I just look at them wide-eyed and say “no one gets out alive.” And walk away.


And that my dear is why you are my hero!


Lol kudos to u! For me, when the idiot alarm sounds, I can’t bite my tongue. I kno I should let it go, but I can’t resist bringing them to annoyingtown on a rocket ship lol :rocket:


Sometime a fracture cant be seen on an x-ray for 10-12 hrs. Ouch!! tell em to stop if they hurt u worse… Hope ur feeling better now tho…


Wow I didn’t know that.I did eventually ask if they had something I could bite down on rather sarcastically. She just asked did it Really hurt that bad? No I came in because it hurt a little lol.

It still hurts enough to not be sure if it feels any better if that makes sense. Thanks though!


Yea i didn’t know that either until a radiologist mentioned it to me. It can take that long for a fracture to show up. If it still hurts u could splint it and go in to see ur Dr on on Monday. If its out of joint they may want to have it splinted up to 6 weeks. Keep icing it off n on 15 min off 15 min on if its still swollen or hurting. Or u can always go back too. Also, they have to stop if u say stop if it too painful


@Jazzy_girl is right. Sometimes they can’t see the fracture until the bone callous starts forming. Sometimes that takes more than 12-24 hours… like a week or 2. You might want to seek an orthopedic opinion since fingers can be tricky and impossible to fix if caught too late!!!


Thanks for the info. I’ve had it splinted since before I went to the doctor but being hard headed I’ve been taking it off every so often lol.


Oh hell,I might have to make an appointment first thing Monday morning.


You might be doing yourself a favor by “stretching” it. So it doesn’t get stiff! As long as it isn’t painful… :wink:


I usually reply that i am aware that it is not fresh Himalayan mountain air coming out of my vape but I’m pretty sure it’s less dangerous than smoking. And then i try to change to topic to whatever i know they do like jogging next to the road or eating lots of processed shit. Sometimes they get the hint…
But with some people it’s not worth it. They made up their minds and don’t even make the effort to find out more because it just doesn’t suit them. And no, we don’t have any long term info on hard core vaping but it looks promising in my opinion. Although it certainly has an impact on some people’s window cleaning habits.


I hate when you wake up to find out that Malcolm Young from ac/dc died


That’s actually exactly why I’ve taken it off. I swear I’ve gotten better advice today than I got from the doctor. Are you in the medical field?