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What do you really hate?


If you’re making any kind of ground turkey or turkey sausage and trying to hide the fact …brown it first, set aside, then rinse out the browned stuff in the bottom of the pan. Then you can return the browned meat to the pan with other ingredients and finish the recipe.


pretty sure that’s not covered by insurance …covered by Divorce Lawyers, but not insurance :wink:


When the gas company is upgrading all the lines in your neighborhood and leaves without installing the meter! Then calling and getting the run around!


Omg. Vaping in the rain with an umbrella and needing to drip. Oh wait…then having to swap the batteries while holding the umbrella. Lol. First world problems this morning for sure. Lol


Waiting to get my phone service sussed. Someone is “supposed” to be here sometime between the hours of 0800 and 1800, which means yours truly is home-bound for the ENTIRE. FUCKING. DAY. Sure! I’d LOVE to waste a day waiting for a technician that DOESN’T NEED TO COME IN THE HOUSE because stupid end-user me was actually able to diagnose the problem as being ON THE LINE END.Pro-tip: If you ever have phone issues, find your service box and open it. There’s a very technical piece of diagnostic equipment labelled TEST JACK. If you’re smart enough to unplug a phone line, you too can test if you’ve got service to your house!



And it’s on the customer side!


Nope! Just got the update from the service tech/repair guru(The guy was seriously cool!) It was indeed a problem on the telco’s end. Some schlub went monkeying around in the service box that held our pair and must have been all thumbs. I believe the term The Guy(Yes, capitalized. You’ll know why in a mo…) was about ready to use was “cluster-fucked”. He stopped himself at about the “fuh” and then remembered he was talking to a customer(yours truly) I said, “The red-headed love child between a bird’s nest and a bowl of spaghetti?” At least I managed to give him a chuckle since he was mucking about in pissing rains so that I could resume calling Miss Cleo!

The cool thing was that because of the mess that our lines were(Went down the street, behind the church, across the CVS and terminated in a box behind another shopping center. All in all about 1200-1500 feet of cabling that didn’t need to exist) he moved out our line from the old box and rerouted them to a service junction that is at the end of our fairly short street. Since we’re on DSL, a shorter route to the terminal means faster service! I might finally get the speed I’m paying for! WOOOO-HOOOO!

All in all, not a horrible experience. Crappy day averted!(So far…)


I was referring to the test port.



I may have one of these laying around.
I might get be more than a plumber.:wink:


Nah, stick with plumbing. Its not everyone who can eat a sandwich while working on a honey pot.


Dude I have so much network testing, diagnostic and repair equipment and it just sits in the tool box, pull it out when I have trouble at home or we need something fixed or moved at the office.


And it’s just a little poop, not like I’ve ever showered in it! :joy:


Yeah I retired but I have a whole building full of equipment just setting there. I’d sell it but likely couldn’t stand it when I know what I paid versus what I’d get for it. My wife will probably have one hell of a tool auction. Oh well. As soon as you sell it, then you need it.


Ain’t that the truth!


Flux Capacitor Tester !!!


How did you know!?


They’re always crapping out at the WORST times !!!


That’s why I’m not a rich man!