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What do you really hate?


Even that knife on the picture already resembles the patience you put in there :sweat_smile:
Poor @VapeyMama … or should i say @coffeegrinder :yum:


Yes…poor coffee grinder indeed! I think I scared it a lot with that knife and it decided to stop being so difficult. Thankfully… :coffee:



You got right into it with the multi tool :rofl:


I will tell you what I’ve learned about coffee equipment, cheaper is better!


I like my k-cup


Hot cocoa
Hot tea
Ramen noodles
Thera flu

Pretty much anything you need hot filtered water for

Oh did I mention it helps when I’m mixing my juice… really hot water for steeping and cleaning…


Wow you must have a pretty fancy one if it’s got a filter on it! And I’m not talking about that useless carbon filter that goes in the tank! I didn’t know that a regular coffee pot couldn’t make hot water!


Having to go to urgent care to have a hearing aid dome removed from my ear. Pay ten grand for friggin hearing aids and the dome comes off in the ear. Talk about the vape industry and ridiculous engineering. What the hell were they thinking?


Are your hearing aids made by Smok by chance?


Lol, probably a subsidiary.


From the fine folks at “Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow!”…


Good one. Seriously got a belly laugh out of that. In the triage room she took my blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, weight, and I told her “no, you’re not doing a prostrate exam”. It’s a bizarre world out there.


I’ve come to the conclusion the I hate hosepipes.
The bastards always get caught on something, get kinked stopping the water flow, drip from the connector and the drops always land on your feet. They are always just a bit too short to reach that far corner of the garden.
The problem however is I can’t live without it.
I hate that.


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I hate waiting for new mixes with ice cream lb to steep. I mixed last Saturday and I’m telling my self…don’t touch don’t touch…when all I want to do is to them them. Sadly, all the notes say that it shines at 3-4 weeks.


This won’t help… Or maybe it will, idk…lol It actually is still really good before that 3 week mark! Just not fully creamy yet. You should totally try some. :wink:


I may do a quick test next Friday…just prior to mixing. Probably should have made double bottles for testing. Grrrr. I know better.


After all @Chrispdx, it IS Thanksgiving.


You need to tase the CREAM!


I hate it when I lend my daughter a few pots and pans with explicit instructions that I need them back by a certain time. And she says, “yeah, no problem Mom! I’ll bring them back tonight after I wash them!” Then three days later I’m trying to figure out how to make mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese, stuffing, and deviled eggs all out of my only saucepan that is here… :rage:


We have a key, and know where she lives! And they are still on n bed, they would never know we went and got the stuff back!