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What do you really hate?


I hate it when I’m using epoxy late at night and get some on my hand without noticing. Grabbed the vape in between and got some epoxy from my fingers into the airflow thingy of my crown 1. Well, i had to clean it anyway and the juice prevented the epoxy to stick to the surface really bad so i was lucky in the end.
I still have to stop doing this kind of work late at night. :sleeping:


Naw sounds like ya need a mod, for your late night work, that ya won’t mind messing up


That is an excellent point! After the first attempts on mod building there’s no shortage of working mods which are just ugly, scratched or have the holes messed up or something. Won’t help with the tank though…


Can’t help ya with the tank,

Me I work all the time so if my vapor can’t go were I go , I don’t need it…

Everyone downgrades smok, but so far it’s been dropped off of ladders. Sprayed with a paint sprayer. Pretty much everything your not supposed to do to a mod and tank. Surprising enough I’ve only broken the glass on the tanks 8 times. In the past 2 yrs. 2 times at work and the other 6 sitting at home watching tv.


I hate what just happened to me I hurt my arm and couldn’t mix so I had my wife who is neither a vaper or a mixer mix it for me she did great all we had to do was add the VG I went to point where in the bottle the liquid level will be when she adds the VG so what I do I knocked the bottle over and spilled it
lost like 5 grams of the mix that really sucked probably fucked up the mix


Get a scale!


it was on a scale I thin\k my depth perception is shot just meant to point at it could also be the 5 beers I had


Those damn beers can play hell on your depth perception. Lol


good luck with that. I am pretty sure they don’t give a $#!t


They are very impartial


commercials i hate commercials especially when there seems to be more commercial than show


which is one reason i got rid of the goddamn tv programming


i also hated those fucking pledge drives which are longer than what they have showing. almost better to buy the series on the cloud and fuck the commercial bullshit and the goddamn pledge drives. PBS is the worst for pledge drives. they can take that idea, roll it into a ball, put it in their ass, take it out and suck on it til they choke


Another reason that i rarely watch TV (exeption for the news, thank god no commecials are on there)


I have a whole tool box full ( our silverware drawer)
also steak knives make great Philips head screw drivers ! :rofl:


Ugggh! I hate that my Nic river tracking for my black Friday order, said it would be here yesterday and the mailbox was empty :((((((. Hopefully its here today


i hate that my NR order still says unfulfilled , i now wint see it until middle of next week probably that will be 2 weeks


Give them a phone call bubba. It’s been long enough to safely say that something has likely gone wrong. =(


@fidalgo_vapes I just read in a different thread that NR expects the rest to go out by today. I keep checking and refreshing my account page…lol


Headline this morning:## “Like Driving Into Hell” - Los Angeles’ 405 Freeway Shutdown As Wildfires Spread