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What do you really hate?


Evolution of the monster flies? :astonished:


And here I was freaking out at wasps and yellow jackets. This thing actually darts at you all menacing-like.


Any genetics labs or college’s in your area…toxic dumps… muuaaahahaha!



insurance companies, adjusters and contractors!


Kidding, errrr, kinda …

I hate the my/our politicians do NOT treat our tax money AS our money, they treat it as their own, to do with as they wish, with little to no accountability. START treating is as OUR money, and maybe we’ll start to get along again.


I hate hate.
I love love
and I’m kinda “meh” about everything in-between.



I hate not checking an order COMPLETELY and discovering that the 10 ml tester bottles that I ordered have no tips! GARRRRRRRHHHH!!!

I’m an idiot of the highest caliber.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone take a closeup pic of a mosquito :laughing:
OHHH never mind, that’s the Robber Fly. Well … never saw a closeup of a Robber Fly either


Someone has done it before @Saxon2 >>


@woftam :fu:t3::grinning:


I took a picture because I didn’t know what the hell that thing was, I originally thought it was a Gallinipper mosquito, but the pictures were so different.


What the hell is a Gallinipper :joy:


Some type of giant mosquito… let me be honest here, while this thing was waiting outside for me I started looking up ‘large mosquito’ and ‘mosquitos with yellow stripes’ because that’s what I thought this thing was… a giant mutant mosquito.


Gallon- nipper. I know that’s not how it’s officially spelled but, that’s how I remember them. Giant mutant nuclear mosquitoes. And now we know they have an even more blood thirsty and murderous big brother? :scream:


are those the ones with tiger stripes on their back and legs?


They’re also called assassin flies, here’s one feeding on a hover fly. :astonished:


Pubes in my teeth!


Don’t lick your balls, let someone else do it. :smiling_imp: