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What do you really hate?


For five Flavorahs you can have mine, if you’d like :wink:


Deal :heart_eyes_cat:
Ill snatch up all the likes i can get!


There ya go, ten to start to you off, I’ll send the rest later

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


I feel your pain. :confused:


When I pay for splitting delivery of an order because one item is holding up the whole 80 Euro shipment… and they actually manage to get the first batch of the order out of the door even later than the item that was holding up everything…


I really hate when I’m testing flavors and the smoke alarms keep going off. Like 10 times. And the whole house has hardwired alarms so there are something like 7 alarms going off together. And then the kids start screaming. It’s been a loud morning…


Solution: Sandwich bag and a rubber band. Put the sandwich bag over the appropriate smoke alarm and rubber band it on. Been there done that :laughing:


Hmmmm. When I try to vape distilled water by acciedent. Lol. Yup. That we me trying to figure out what was wrong with my build.


And here I was thinking you were going the other direction… To keep the kids quiet. =X


Unappreciative and hateful assholes…

…my daughter, a vet tech, has to deal with this type of crap every single day. :rage: Yet she lives to better the life of every critter which comes across the threshold where she thrives, 6 days a week! Bless her heart!


Omg. I really hate looking into my vape bag and find that I forgot to put my juice in there. Ahhh f@ck. Today’s goal…only vape 10mls for the next 10.5 hours. Grrrrrr.


Good luck. You can do it!


Emergency Sources

Walmart carries glycerin usually near the pharmacy.
Riteaid drug stores. First aid section.
Most any Supermarket food extract at 30% will get you some shake and vape plain juice if you just gotta.


I hate climbing in the store’s shelves to get to the groceries! :angry:


Grow up then :laughing:


I’ve tried… :pensive: Lol


There has been this thing outside my glass door bashing itself against the glass to get to me. It’s an insect. When it landed, I could see it had the body of a mosquito, even this mouth sucker the size of a hypodermic needle. I immediately thought ‘Mutant Mosquito’. I took pictures, although didn’t know who to send it off to for help, so I emailed the Virginia Living Museum, who had no clue what it was, and sent it to an entomologist. Just heard back that it is something called a ‘Robber Fly’. The Entomologist warned they were highly aggressive and use their needle thing to suck body fluids shudder. This thing is the bane of my existence right now.


Time to make some popcorn and dig up a mutant insect sy fy flick :laughing:


Just googled them and ICK.

Mosquitoes in a fur coat… is that the high society ones?

Where do you live? so I can avoid the place…


That’s the thing! They aren’t supposed to be here, they live in places with hot dry weather like Arizona. I live in VA, that’s like the opposite of hot dry weather.