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What do you really hate?


Just lean forward and pop your ass out a lil bit while you’re putting your pin in… then those folks behind the monitors will be distracted from seeing your pin! :wink:
I mean, assuming you’ve got a nice butt…


Plumber’s Cleavage!


Ah, I get too many phone numbers and marriage proposals when I do that.


I really hate getting excited about finding nicely steeped bottle of juice (in the bottom of my purse) from September, only to try it and realize its total shit. :cry:


Assuming I keep my failures, I put them in a specific box so I don’t get that happy-then-dejected feeling.


Purse steeping again. Lol.


I’m dumping this nasty shit so i don’t ever accidentally try it again. Weird thing is that the finger test was great, but vaping it… :nauseated_face:


How I roll, bro. :wink:


Ugh and now I have to rewick. No way I’m gonna try to vape past that flavor. :angry:


Tasting a liquid and not being able to nail the flavor profile. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Double ugh to both of these, so true. Worse even VM is trying a bad juice shortly after you just re-wicked. Really hate that.

And trying to nail the flavor profile is easily my most frustrating thing about mixing (probably other folks’ as well).


When some nasty burnt smells enter my car while driving to work and I check my mod, then my backup mod, about have a heart attack, and that wasnt even it. It was some other burnt smell.


Totally feeling this post with the bottle of “pineapple upside down cake” from September 11th that I cracked open this morning. Maybe I can pawn it off on @cutlass. Where’s the freaking pineapple???:rage:

I’m such a failure.


The finger test should be a good indicator.


Must resist innuendos.

Do you all realize the amount of pain you are all causing me? Well do you.


/wanders through muttering 'stuck in his thumb, pulled out a plum"for some random reason…


A lot of fruits fade over extended periods.


True and pineapple cake is hard to nail down. I have not found a decent pineapple yet.


This makes me feel a lot better then!!


And now I’m married again… :open_mouth: