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What do you really hate?


I think there is a line buddy. So why don’t you make like Copernicus and navigate your way to the back.

“Meant in a truly loving and sarcastic way. Not mean at all. Seriously.”


Your talking to a land locked sailor… lol
Married life is okay… as long as she stays up stairs and leaves the down stairs to me lol
(Boy am I glad she doesn’t read these… if my life was like @Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee I’d be in real trouble right now…


You and me both buddy.


I apologize…


Smelled like burnt anal hairs.


Now that’s something I don’t wanna know if I actually hate


You just dont know until you have been there.


I really hAte waiting

Out of pg and order don’t arrive til Wednesday

And new flavors also arrive Wednesday

So Wednesday I will be making

Monkey fart
Mountain Dew
Strawberry margarita
Chocolate covered strawberries
Strawberry hubba babba
Sassy strawberry v2

But until then I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting on Santa to come deliver my toys…

God I hated Christmas Eve as a kid…


And now for the weather!


But the difference is that I’d just give @Cutlass92 some major shit and then move on :wink:

Cause I’m freaking awesome :sunglasses: like that!


You are!
10 char



How does that work? My husband has no interest in foruming despite all of mine in different forums over the years. He just gets annoyed when I mention it. He will ask who I am “texting” and I tell him “anyone who cares” and that it is public and he can see it anytime. Lol


OmGosh. Ain’t that the truth!
Back just out of high school “the group” used to hang out frequently (usually 4-6 guys, and their g/f’'s or dates)…and I recall one specific night where there was a “semi-daisy-chain reaction” thanks to one person deciding to light their farts. Several tried it, problem is, some weren’t as forceful as others, and I distinktly recall one of them jumping up and screaming in pain about the “fire” that remained ignited underneath the clothing… ROFLMAO


I remember a first aid training where the paramedic warned us never to light a fart because it can “backfire” and cause really bad internal burns. Not sure if that’s just a story to scare 15 year olds straight but i never got the images out of my head.


In my 20s and already married, the subject of flammable farts came up and I didnt believe him. He said it was in fact true but with side effects. I wanted proof and I got it. I will never forget his sacrifice of perfectly intact anal hairs.


Not sure what is worse the cold spell you guys are having or Aussie summer in the country.



I do that too


My feelings exactly I kind of miss getting underway I could go for a Westpac right now


Only in Australia eh? Next thing you know some will say dingos are eating babies. Lol


That one really isn’t one to joke about.