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What do you really hate?




I am surprised you have any left in the bag! Well technically there half in the bag which is more appropriate for a true booze wench :smirk:


Oh makes perfect sense now…


LOL I keep getting images of the last moments of the Hindenburg.
Oh, the humanity!


I am good. Different Navy now.


I am so controlling the urge to do 15 minutes of jokes re: “Fire in the Colon”. It would be too easy of a setup for @Cutlass92 …who the last time he smelled burnt ass hair was at the Salon getting a Perm
[apologies… that one was irresistible]
:zipper_mouth_face: :fortune_cookie:


If I had tried to light my farts on New Year’s Eve …after 4 days of Chili consumption, that Crime Scene would have been on Unsolved Mysteries! It was bad enough I had to sit close to the fireplace all evening …well “Banished” would be more accurate. Not safety conscious in retrospect.


Because the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the one!


Damn @Molly_Mcghee you keep telling my secrets! Stop it wu-mon you know how self conscious I get!


They were gonna figure out how you went bald eventually.


Oh now you wanna bring up how I like it when you “dragon breath” my head!? I was your idea to do it to me in the first place, why woul I ask you to light your farts and aim them at the top of my head!?


Wrong-o. Lies!


Who’s lying now!?


-18 last week. Forecast for Wed 1/10 47F. Thurs 50. Crazy. Nuckin Futs.


I know, why is indiana weather so goofy?


Hence the saying, “Welcome to Indiana! If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!”


OMG! Now I have this image of @Cutlass92 with all of his facial hair singed and the Oh-shit Wile E. Coyote look on his face stuck in my head. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.


That’s fairly accurate.




Things that could have been yelled across the room for $500 please Alex! :laughing: