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What do you really hate?




Okay , to get back on subject . I really hate cleaning.

Prepping for Wednesday. Having to clean mason jars for test batches. And a few flavors I don’t have bottles for on shelf yet…

Lighter side found a bottle of cappuccino vape I forgot about. After 6months it smells pretty good sad part is 6mnths ago I was vaping 12nic…

Maybe it be good for a good morning drip.


Holy fuck I feel ya. I need to mix a shit ton of testers and was totally intending on hammering all of them out today, but cleaning all of the bottles that would have been needed to do that would have taken way more effort than I had the motivation for.

Maybe tomorrow…


I hate that I need to clean some bottles to mix in, but it takes so long to dry. So I need to clean the bottles at least a day before I can mix in them, but I wanted to actually mix in them today.

Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow…


Baby bottle rack is perfect for drying lab ware.

$6.97 at my local Walmart.

Edit: even a spot for dry blunt tip needles.


Lol I use the one that looks like grass


Dyslexics untie!


Preheat oven to 150ish and throw them in. It will save you another day to procrastinate on something else :wink:


I HATE CLEANING F’ING BOTTLES …peeling off stickers :exploding_head:


Stickers suck…

Labels r great and easy to peel off.


AMEN to that !


Will this be ok with my plastic bottles? Most that I have are plastic because I drip. Now it would be great if there were glass dripper bottles but then they wouldn’t be squeezy. I just can’t with the shaking and the glass dropper. It is hard enough to hit the right spot with a dripper bottle on a bad day. My mod and hands get well lubed enough as it is with all my missed drips. :expressionless: I carry at least 2 hankies because of this.


I only have a couple plastic bottles but yes I mix them in with my glass in the oven. I use rubber bands to hold my bottles together and turn them upside down on a cookie sheet with some paper towel with caps and droppers next to them. This will remove those annoying hard to get droplets out reasonably quickly. Please do not overheat your oven! You don’t want to put your hands on that thick gooey stuff :wink:


Side note. I preheat oven and then turn it off before placing them in.


I really dont hate sitting out here in the sun with short sleeves.


Not short sleeve weather, but maybe I won’t have to wear two pairs of pants, three shirts and coat to go outside today!


Looks perfect to those of us who like to walk on water and drill holes!


“Maybe tomorrow…”

Don’t do today, what you can put off 'til next month…


Don’t do it next month, if you can put off ‘TIL next year


No fucking way I can put it off till next month!!! But it is being put off again till tomorrow…
I got home from the grocery store ready to clean and mix but the husband had a shot of whiskey waiting for me… And the thing about shots is ya can’t have just one… And I don’t mix drunk. :joy: