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What do you really hate?


Yea you can just add

Drunken in front of the flavor name

Drunken peach
Drunken vapeymama special
Drunken Apple turnover

Etc … ya get the picture

Edit: and add in fine print. Drunken flavors may or may not taste the same twice


Exactly! That’s why I don’t risk it…lmao


I agree with VM she shouldn’t mix drunk or you will end up seeing


That looks damn good. And I would go mix it right now if it wasn’t for my no drunk mixing rule. Hence my no drunk mixing rule.


Booze Wench. No should be Butter Wench. Fixed it.


Broke my rule… overshot the nic, pg, vg, and butter. Oh well, it’ll probably be perfect. Going to vape some now.

@woftam, I decided to go a bit lower than 100%.


lol, I can do that sober. Guess that says a lot about my quality control.


have you ever tried FA Butter? is it ok?


Meh, its alright. I only vaped like 20ml of butter last night…


Bottle shoulders… :confounded:

It’s fine, you keep it…


Don’t let the bottle win!

*Note- First Bing search was “long tongue licking bottom”… Not one of my brightest search ideas…




Oh man. SPOT ON!

I fucking hate that. Especially when it’s an expensive flavor.


Can’t imagine how many Gene Simmons, and Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson pics you had to wade through! :rofl:


Actually, none. Safe Search was off so I never actually got to them at all. But there are a lot of folks who seem to be inclined to do anything for money, let’s just say. To my untrained eye, I’d bet toilet paper would work just as well.


Jack get yeah?


“SHUDDERS” old job of porn narc came racing to mind. You bastard!!!


I searched that term (briefly and did not click any links) but it doesn’t seem to be obvious… What does that mean? Why am I even curious?


Government computers need to be surveillanced for malicious web activity I was that guy. We saw what other Sailors were searching and kept the bad guys off of our network. It is illegal to view porn on government computers. So needless to say, leave sailors to their own devices and it is very scary. Makes two girls one cup tame.

Those with weak stomachs do not Google two girls one cup. Not for the weak stomached.


Seagrams 7…